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Written by Dewi Tri Utami on 27/07/2022
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Human resources are essential when setting up a new company. In addition, human resources are the key to a company’s success, which takes care of everything related to the workforce. Human resource services exist to assist new companies in managing their employees so the company can obtain top-quality employees.

An effective team consists of the right personnel in the right position to achieve the company’s goals. However, companies often face obstacles in finding qualified human resources to be placed in positions that suit the company’s needs. To get top-quality human resources, a company must be selective in recruitment.

In recruiting process, companies need to consider many factors, starting from the skills and experiences to the attitude in working for prospective employees. Due to the painstaking process of ensuring a good quality employee, recruitment services provide solutions for companies in terms of employee recruitment.

With this service, we can help you assess job applicants in terms of competencies, experience, expertise, logic, and personality. We will then match candidates who are aligned with your vision.

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What is HR (Human Resource)?

Human resources (HR) is a part of a company that aims to manage all employees in a company. Human resources has two functions such as internal and external. The internal function is related to planning and developing the workers in a company, hiring employees, training, performance management, determining the salaries and wages, and other human resources management activities. On the other hand, the external function of HR facilitates employees to get counseling sessions outside the company.

In more detail, the following are the duties of HR:

  1. Employee recruitment

    Employee recruitment is the main task of human resource development. The company needs to determine whether an employee passes or not, the results of interviews with employee candidates, experience, and a series of applied tests. In this case, HRD becomes the decision holder in determining the right candidate to fill specific positions needed by the company.

  2. Self-development of employees

    Another essential task of human resources is being responsible for the self-development of employees within the company. In carrying out their duties and obligations, employees may face various obstacles and challenges. Therefore, HR is responsible for developing programs to prepare for these challenges. The programs provided are tailored to each employee's needs through the employee's job evaluation. Generally, self-development programs are carried out through webinars, training, online courses, and others.

  3. Monitoring employee performance

    Monitoring employee performance is an important task that is crucial for the growth of the company. In general, this is done by designing performance management. Performance management can run well if the company can map out clear targets for each employee to fulfill. HR works closely with managers and related positions to review the performance of each employee. This review generates feedback for each employee in the company. The feedback results are used for reference for future employee career development.

  4. Career path optimization

    The HR department is also responsible to optimize the career path of each employee in the company. This career path optimization does not always occur vertically according to the current employment position. There are times when an employee gets a career path opportunity outside his current division based on the company's needs.

  5. Mediating employee disputes

    Disputes between employees within the company are often unavoidable. In this case, HR departement has the responsibility to help resolve the problems of both parties concerned. Generally, this problem is resolved through mediation through guidance and problem-solving arranged by the HR department.

  6. Managing employee attendance

    Managing employee attendance is also the responsibility of HR departement. HR departement must monitor the attendance list daily and record employee delays and absenteeism caused by various reasons. If there is a violation, then the HR departement has the right to take action according to company regulations to discipline employees.

  7. Salary, allowance, and other compensations

    The provision of salaries, compensation, and various benefits that are the rights of employees is also the task of HR departement by referring to Standard Operating Procedure and work contracts that have been previously agreed upon. As previously mentioned, the HR department is responsible for distributing certain compensations and benefits according to company regulations.

Therefore, a strong HR is needed so that working employees can also improve work performance that is aligned with the benefits obtained by employees.

As a result, the company’s goals are achieved by providing benefits for both parties.

What are Recruitment Services?

Recruitment is finding, attracting and selecting qualified applicants as employees according to the required position. At the same time, recruitment services is a type of service to help a company get prospective workers who have the abilities according to the company’s needs.

The Recruitment and Job Placement process is critical to business success. Not only looking at educational history, but this process also focuses on soft skills, such as communication, creativity, and adaptability. The goal of recruitment is to build a pool of candidates who meet the predefined requirements and are willing to follow the defined stages of the process.

How is the Process of Recruitment?

In general, the steps of recruitment process are:

  1. Provide a detailed job requirements and specifications

    Before recruiting, it is essential to know what the job position needs, job details for the position, necessary specifications, and what experience or values the applicant must have.

  2. Publish job advertisements

    This job vacancy advertisement must be published and spread so that many prospective applicants apply. This publication has many media, such as websites, Instagram, Facebook, and job advertisement services.

  3. Verify applicant data

    This verification is carried out to prove the suitability of the applicant's data with the specifications set for the position the candidate is applying for.

  4. Perform screening through various tests

    After verification, we continue the test process. Common test types are psychological tests, cognitive tests, and personality tests.

  5. Carry out interview

    The interview process is carried out after we get candidates whose test scores meet the predetermined criteria, for example, for a test with a minimum score of 80. Only candidates whose scores are 80 and above are entitled to proceed to the interview stage.

  6. Contract signing

    After the interview, the next step is signing the work contract if the candidate meets all the requirements and the user agrees, adjusted to the applicable regulations.

Benefits of Using Recruitment Services

The advantages of using recruitment services are:

  1. Hire top-quality employees

    Each employee recruitment service has a talent pool and an extensive network. Therefore, the company only needs to provide qualifications and experience requirements for a specific position. Then the recruitment service providers can easily curate the talents they have. The companies are then recommended with qualified and selected talents.

  2. Save time and energy

    As we know, the recruitment process is long and complex. Employee recruitment services simplify the company's recruitment process. Companies only need to provide the desired qualifications and wait for quality talent recommendations from the recruitment service provider. That way, the company doesn't have to worry about employees and can focus more on other important tasks.

  3. Help achieve business goals faster

    Quality human resources have a crucial role in the development of the company. Utilizing employee recruitment services to hire top-quality talent helps the company quickly achieve its desired business goals.

  4. Speed up role filling

    A company's activities can be disrupted due to empty seats within the company's ranks. Companies can take advantage of employee recruitment services and find the right candidate quickly.

  5. Save recruitment costs

    The cost of using employee recruitment services is cheaper than the cost of doing the recruitment yourself. Instead of allocating costs for doing the recruitment yourself, it is better to ask for a professional's help to achieve that purpose.

How We Can Help

Finding the right person most suited for your company amongst a stack of applicants is challenging. We work with our trusted partner to acquire talent based on your criteria and assist with recruitment for all levels of positions in different fields of expertise. We thoroughly assess applicants’ competencies, experience, expertise, logic, and personality. Upon our initial screening, we match candidates aligned with your vision. We offer HR Establishment services and Recruitment Services to help the companies you lead get candidates as needed without worrying about the process of getting these employees. 


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