We offer our expertise to help you with all of your notarial service needs. We will help you with your legal documents such as deeds, agreements, wills, and testaments. For more details for each of our services related to notary services, please click on the links below.

Company Establishment

We can help you in establishing various form of business type, from limited liability companies, foundations, partnership and many others.

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Corporate Action Deeds

We can provide assistance to prepare shareholders’ resolutions or minutes of meeting. In addition, we can also draft transactional agreements such as sale and purchase agreements, lease agreements or transfer of shares agreements.

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Wills and Testaments

We provide advice and guidance on legitieme portie and will drafting and assist with the administrative proceess.

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Agreements and Deeds in Banking and Other Financial Industry

We can help prepare and review all agreements and provide explanations to you so that you can measure the risk and understand all legal consequences of the agreements.

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Contracts in Islamic Finance

We can guide you on the appropriate financing scheme and help to prepare the agreement in accordance with Sharia principles.

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Marriage Agreements

We can assist you in drafting these agreements, making changes to previous agreements, and registering them with the relevant authorities. We ensure proper administrative processes so that these agreements are enforceable in the future.

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