Employment Work Permit

What is the full process of hiring foreign manpower (TKA) in Indonesia?

  • First we have to make and register a mandatory report of company to the Ministry of Manpower. We must report our company condition which includes details on workers, as well as other necessary data.
  • After the report is submitted to the Ministry of Manpower, we will start applying the foreign manpower plan through the manpower website. There we apply the position of the foreign worker, how long will he/she work in Indonesia, where will he/she work in Indonesia, and other documents.
  • When the foreign manpower plan is online and ready to print, we start the notification process by submitting foreign worker identity and other supporting documents.
  • When it is done, the website will automatically connect to Directorate General Visa of Indonesia and issue the Limited stay visa.
  • After that the foreign worker can take the visa at the Indonesian Embassy overseas.
  • After that the foreign worker can enter Indonesia. They will do the interview & have their photo taken at airport to claim their limited stay permit
  • Soon after we can start the process of issuing police report and temporary residence letter as well as reporting the presence of foreign workers.

What are the differences in documents needed between hiring shareholders, directors, and ordinary employees?

  • Shareholders: We can skip the foreign worker permit (RPTKA and Notification) and start the process immediately with the visa, followed by asking BKPM to get permission to make ITAS in Indonesia.
  • Directors: Following the full process mentioned above but without skype interview regarding RPTKA and the notification process, as well as without the indonesian worker companion.
  • Ordinary Employees: Same as the process above, accompanied by indonesian worker companion and they can only get 6 month of permit without extension.

What is DKPTKA?

  • Foreign Manpower Utilization Fund (DKPTKA) is a fund that we have to pay to the government as a Non-Tax Revenue (PNBP). The cost is $100/Month/Person. 

What if I work in Indonesia and I want to take my family too?

  • You can use ITAS for your spouse and children. We can start processing VITAS (limited stay visa) by using your ITAS or VITAS application. 

I heard from someone about EPO and ERP, What is that?

  • EPO and ERP are ways to cut off foreign worker and Indonesian sponsors at the end of each ITAS period, or if you don’t want to extend the ITAS. The difference between EPO and ERP is the position of the foreign worker. EPO is used when the foreigner is still in Indonesia while ERP is used when the foreigner is already out from Indonesia. EPO or ERP is also a way to extend ITAS for advisor or ordinary employee, because they have to cut off the ITAS first before they can re-apply a new ITAS.

How long does it take to complete ITAS process based on the process above?

  • WLK (Compulsory Company Manpower Report) 3 working days
  • RPTKA (Foreign Manpower Utilization Plan) 5 – 7 Working days
  • Notifikasi (Notification) 10 Working days
  • VITAS (Limited Stay VISA) 5-7 Working days
  • ITAS (Limited Stay Permit) 3-5 Working days
  • STM (Police Report) and SKTT (Temporary Resident Card) 10 Working days
  • LKTKA (Foreign Manpower Presence Report) 5 Working days

Besides ITAS from the sponsor company, what else can give sponsor to foreigners?

  • If you want easier stay permit, you can apply for ITAP (Permanent Stay Permit) instead. To apply for ITAP, you can use Indonesian spouse sponsor instead of company sponsor because you only need to spend 2 years living in Indonesia with Indonesian spouse sponsor to while if you use Company sponsor ITAS it wiill take 5 years.

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