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We have over 30 years’ experience in providing notarial and conveyancing services to individuals and businesses. Our team specializes in establishing new business entities, executing notarial deeds, legalizing and notarizing documents. Clients also benefit from our experience in dealing with the government, including the new online company registration and licensing requirements.


PAL Quick Guide to Postnuptial Agreements
PAL Quick Guide to Prenuptial Agreements

Quick Guide to Prenuptial Agreements for an Indonesian and Foreigner Couple 

Quick Guide to Postnuptial Agreements for an Indonesian and Foreigner Couple 

A prenuptial agreement is made prior to a couple getting married. It is an agreement to keep prior ownership of certain assets separate during the marriage. The prenuptial agreement can also keep the ownership of new property separate during the marriage so that there is no new joint ownership of communal assets. …read more

A postnuptial agreement is made after a couple has been married. It is a way to expressly state that the Indonesian spouse maintains the right to own certain shares and property, and to separate property ownership. In 2015, the Constitutional Court ruled that postnuptial agreements are valid. …read more


We only work with licensed notaries who have a proven track record of providing reliable, high quality services. Our notary and conveyancing team are ISO 9001:2015 certified in quality management systems.


Prenuptial Agreement in Indonesia

A prenuptial agreement is a written contract signed by two people before they are married. The agreement separates the property owned by each person prior to the marriage, and specifies what each person’s property rights will be to any new property after the marriage commences. This can assist all couples in estate planning and mitigating risks associated with divorce or death. For marriages between an Indonesian and foreigner there are a number of legal restrictions concerning foreign ownership of property that can be addressed by a prenuptial agreement. Our professional consultants can advise you and assist in creating an agreement for you and your spouse.

Postnuptial Agreement in Indonesia

A postnuptial agreement is a written contract created after a couple are married. The agreement can be used to settle the couple’s affairs and separate their assets in the event of a separation or divorce. For a married couple involving an Indonesian and a foreigner, a postnuptial agreement can assist with addressing the legal restrictions on foreign ownership of certain property.  The effective date for the postnuptial agreement can be decided at any time after the marriage commences. Our professional consultants can provide assistance with creating a postnuptial agreement for you and your partner.

Establishing a Business in Indonesia

If you have a business plan and are ready to invest in setting up a new business in Indonesia, we can guide you on your options and make sure you are in compliance with the changing laws and regulations. We will help you to create notarial deeds needed to establish a a legally compliant business entity that will be your vehicle to a successful investment in Indonesia.

Business Compliance

Business compliance is the responsibility of senior management. There are serious consequences for failing to comply with the laws and regulations governing businesses in Indonesia. Our professionals can assist you in managing your licenses, agreements, amendments, as well as assisting you in corporate secretarial services relating to general shareholder meetings and amendments to the company’s articles of association.


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