AGED SECURITY & PENSION Guarantee Calculator
(jaminan hari tua/JHT & jaminan pensiun/JP)

The Aged Security and Pension Guarantee Calculator, known as Jaminan Hari Tua (JHT) and Jaminan Pensiun (JP), is a valuable resource for employees in Indonesia. This tool enables individuals to estimate their future retirement benefits under the country’s social security system. By inputting current contributions, salary, and tenure, users can calculate the expected amount of their old-age savings and pension benefits. The primary aim of this calculator is to provide a clear projection of future financial security, assisting individuals in making informed decisions about their retirement planning.

Jaminan Hari Tua (JHT) and Jaminan Pensiun (JP) are two key components of Indonesia’s social security system, managed by BPJS Ketenagakerjaanicon for new tab (the Social Security Administration Body for Employment). JHT is a mandatory savings program that provides lump-sum benefits upon retirement, termination of employment, or death. JP, on the other hand, offers periodic pension payments to retired employees who meet certain criteria.

By providing accurate projections of future retirement benefits, this tool aids in financial literacy, retirement planning, and informed decision-making. The transparency and peace of mind offered by the calculator are invaluable, helping individuals to plan their finances strategically and ensure long-term financial security. As a part of Indonesia’s social security system, the JHT & JP Calculator is a crucial tool for employees seeking to secure their financial future.


This tool only performs basic Aged Security (JHT) and Pension Guarantee (JP) calculations. If you wish to learn more comprehensive information and processing, or have any related inquiries, we will contact you with the information you provide below.

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