Compliance Services

Filing oInvestment Activity Report, LKPM

All companies in Indonesia must file an Investment Activity Report (LKPM) periodically. This report involves detailed information on investment realization and challenges faced by the company during the period of the report. The report is then used by the Government to monitor investment, manpower absorption, and to make/amend regulations.

Putranto Alliance is available to assist you in filing these reports on time.

Tax & Accounting

Anywhere in the world, once there is a business transaction, there is tax compliance to the Tax Authorities. Indonesia’s tax regulations are updated regularly to boost the economy and country. You, as business practitioner in Indonesia have the obligation to keep up with the latest tax regulations. Beside being up-to-date and tax compliant, you also need to have good bookkeeping and accounting reports since tax report in Indonesia involves standardized accounting.

Our tax and accounting specialists at Putranto Alliance, will help you with your company’s journal, bookkeeping, and financial records. We will also help in generating tax and accounting reports that is updated to current regulations. Our tax services involves corporate monthly and annual tax reports, tax calculations and tax payments. We also ensure correct and timely tax reports so that you don’t paid unnecessary fines from the Tax Authority. At Putranto Alliance, we also assist you to understand the specific tax obligations and possible tax planning applicable to your business, upon request.


Employment regulations in Indonesia is extremely complicated and constantly changing. Foreign investment company with no prior experience in Indonesia will face challenges when it comes to finding the right employees for them, preparing work contracts, determining working terms , preparing payroll for the employees and complying to the labor rules.

Putranto Alliance’s team are kept up with the latest changes to regulations and equipped to advise corporate clients on employment contracts, company policies, social security programs, pension funds and related matters. With our partner, we can also assist with your recruitment needs. Outsourcing HR functions may also be a solution for companies wishing to keep their operations lean and efficient.

Immigration and Foreign Worker Services

All foreigners travelling to Indonesia for longer than 30 days stay must have a valid visa. Indonesia is known for having difficult immigration procedures that are tedious and frustrating. Long term stay visa such as Business Visa, Social Visa, Dependant Visa, Work Permit and ITAS requires local sponsorship. Local sponsors may be an Indonesian company having relations with you, visa agency or an Indonesian citizen.

Putranto Alliance has a team of immigration lawyers and consultants who specialize in Indonesia Immigration regulation. Through experience and regular training, we are equiped with accurate and up-to-date regulations in order to provide timely immigration services to our clients. Putranto Alliance is a local company and may act as your sponsor if required.

Social Security and Health Insurance

All companies that have received their NIB, are automatically entered into Indonesia Social Security Provider (BPJS) database system. BPJS entrusted by the Government to run both national Health Care (through BPJS Kesehatan) and Social Security Program (through BPJS Ketenagakerjaan), which covered JKK (Work Accident Security), JKM (Death Security), JHT (Old Day Security) and Pension Security.

The companies should register their employee to both Health and Social Security program based on their monthly salary so that these employees may receive benefits of the national program.
Our staff can assist with such registration, filing required documentations, and help with updating the company’s data when required.


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