Wills and Testaments

Opening a business in another county is not easy especially not knowing the market or the custom. By having a rep office can help in cutting cost and establish a presence first before going all out for your business. Prudenta Business Advisory can assist with establishing initial presence in the form of a Representative Office (RO). RO’s may not conduct sale transactions and are limited to supervisory, administrative and marketing activities. Certain taxes may apply, for example salary taxes for personnel residing in Indonesia as determined by the time test.

We will provide you with a business ID Number and Tax Identification Number and Registration Letter (NPWP) Provide us with the documents needed and we will handle everything for you with an estimated time of around 2-3 weeks.

Taxpayer Identity Number

There are several conditions for the Tax Authority to deem an individual or a business entity as a tax resident of Indonesia. Ignorance of those terms and conditions can result in fines and wrongly fulfilled tax obligations. With thorough knowledge of Indonesia Tax Law, Putranto Alliance can help you determine your eligibility as an Indonesian tax residence.

We can help you and your business obtain Taxpayer Identity Number (TIN/ NPWP – Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak) or revoke it once you cease your business operation in Indonesia. Revocation of TIN involves a tax audit by Tax Authority, which we can also assist you with. In addition, we offer other TIN-related services such as amending data or applying for TIN for your branch office.


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