Conveyancing (pemindahtanganan properti)  is a legal process involving the transfer of property ownership from one party to another. It typically includes tasks such as property searches, preparing legal documents, and facilitating the exchange of contracts. Our conveyancing services ensure that property transactions adhere to legal requirements and protect the interests of our client, both as the buyer and seller.

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Property Transaction Service

Property transaction streamlines the buying and selling of houses, allowing clients to access basic property information and authorize representatives like real estate agents or banks. Lengthy administrative procedures can be time-consuming, prompting the recommendation of conveyancers to expedite the process. 

With this service, we can help you draft the rights and obligations of the buyers and sellers according to the terms negotiated amongst them. We also make sure the sale and purchase deed meet legal requirements.

Land Certification Verification

When owning land or buildings, obtaining a certificate is crucial as it serves as documented proof of ownership. Verification of this certificate is essential before transferring or leveraging the property, ensuring its legitimacy and absence of disputes.

Our service facilitates confirmation of previous tax payments, authenticity checks at the Land Authority Office, and investigations into potential disputes on the certificate by another party.

Land Certificate Administrative Process

When acquiring or inheriting property, it’s necessary to register your name on the land certificate as proof of ownership, ensuring its validity period is extended before expiration. For foreign individuals purchasing property in Indonesia, verifying if the land title deed can be converted to leasehold is crucial prior to acquisition.

Our service aids in obtaining recommendations for certificate conversions, processing title deed amendments, and assisting with the registration of land certificates used as collaterals when needed.


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