Gadai Cipta Peluang


We assist local and foreign investors who need loans, insurance, and appraisal services. Based upon existing Indonesian laws and regulations we offer fiduciary and pawn loans to clients for valuable goods which will be appraised, insured and securely stored. Loans can be obtained within one hour for clients who submit relevant documents and meet our requirements. We also provide life, health, car, and education insurance, as well as independent appraisal services for valuable goods.

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We are a Finance Company licensed by the Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK), and hold an Appraisal Competency license.




We loan out money to our client for items based on Indonesian law and regulations



We loan out money to our client for items based on Fiduciary law and regulations.


We provide life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, education insurance, and many more.



We provide appraisal service to appraise and determine the price of your valuable goods.


“Thank you to Putranto Alliance for reviewing Johnny Rockets legal contracts. The team was very professional in meeting our requests. We will continue to work with Putranto Alliance and will tell other companies to do the same.”

– Ms. Anindya Sastrawinata, Johnny Rockets Indonesia

“Peak Finance provides a great bridging loan facility. The best that I have ever come across in my career. It even puts banks to shame.”

– Mr. Adi Utama Soegiarto Hanafi, Royale Hill

“Putranto Alliance provided us with a great quality service. Their service made us feel comfortable to rely on them in areas where we lacked expertise.”

– Mr. Hendro KakalimCo-Founder Cashpop

“They are helpful in all aspects of business as well as legal compliance. We feel that we are in good hands. Their speed and knowledge made it easy for us to work with them.”

– Mr. Daniel Handojo, Century 21


PT Gadai Cipta Peluang have been approved by the Financial Services Authority, No. KEP-52/NB.1/2018



We offer Pawn and Fiduciary loan with competitive interest rate compared to our competitor.




We only need less than 1 hour to process should you bring us the complete documents and requirements.


Your goods will be stored according to our security standards and will be protected by insurance.

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