General Meeting of Shareholder (GMS) signed using Rooted Certificate Authority Provider can be used as the basis for Corporate Actions.

The Indonesian Company Act (UUPT) and The Indonesian Electronic Information and Transactions Act (UUITE) allow Indonesian companies to hold General and Annual Meetings of Shareholders (GMS) through teleconference media, video conferences, or other electronic media facilities that enable all GMS participants to see and to hear each other directly and participate in the meeting. During the electronic meeting (e-GMS), meeting participants must use a verified electronic signature (e-sign) registered on the authorized e-sign platform/rooted certificate authority provider to approve/accept the meeting agenda and confirm attendance for the meeting. This allows the meeting to be used for matters requiring formal legal evidence such as notarial deeds, power of attorney for lawyers, court cases, submission into ministerial departments such as the ministry of finance and tax, justice, environment, energy, and mineral resources, and for other matters. Each case poses slightly different variations of technical procedures.

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