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Putranto Alliance aims to help clients increase their business value, improve time efficiency, and mitigate risk while in compliance with the prevailing regulations. Our professionals make it easier for local and foreign investors to succeed in executing their business plans. We can help you establish your new business, ensure you are compliant, prepare your human resources, manage your property, grow and protect your business, and if necessary, arrange for the sale or closure of your business.

HR Services

Employment Regulations

General Human
Resources Services

Indonesian Labor Law regulates the maximum working hours, minimum pay, leave allowance, termination requirements of any employment. The complex employment regulation may make it difficult for newly established businesses to adhere to the regulation when making a human resource policy, company policy, and other employment agreements.

We advise and assist our clients with the preparation and registration of company policy and ensure that they comply with the regulation. For foreign companies who have yet to establish a presence in Indonesia but require a local employee to perform remote work such as programming work or market research, using our employment of records service allow clients to be more cost-efficient especially during the preliminary market research stage before the client decides whether to invest in Indonesia.

Immigration Services


All foreigners traveling to Indonesia for longer than 30 days stay must have a valid stay permit. Indonesia is known for having complex immigration procedures. There are various types of short and long term stay visas such as Business Visa, Social Visa, Dependant Visa, Temporary Stay, and Work Permit. Some permits require local sponsorship and other documentations. Local sponsors may be an Indonesian company having relations with you, a visa agency, or an Indonesian citizen.

Putranto Alliance has a team of immigration lawyers and consultants who specialize in Indonesia Immigration regulation. Through experience from processing countless visa applications, we are equipped with accurate and up-to-date regulations in order to provide timely immigration services to our clients. We are a local company and may act as your sponsor if required.



Putranto Alliance’s team is kept up with the latest changes to regulations and equipped to advise corporate clients on employment contracts, company policies, social security programs, and related employment matters. Let us assist you with our payroll services while you focus on growing the company. We will calculate the monthly salary, withholding tax, and social security payments. In addition, we assist with the mandatory reporting and ensure you meet the compliance requirements.

With employee termination, we provide human-resource-related advisory services and drafts of termination package. We assist with employee negotiations to ensure our clients do not face labor-related issues later on

Employer of Records

Employer of Records

Companies that have yet to establish a local presence in Indonesia but require local employees to perform remote work such as programming work or market research may choose to use our Employer of Records Services. This service allows clients to be more cost-efficient especially during the preliminary market research stage before the client decides whether or not to invest in Indonesia.

Recruitment Services

Finding the right person who is most suited for your company amongst a stack of applicants will be challenging. We work with our trusted partner to acquire talent based on your criteria and assist with recruitment for all levels of position in different fields of expertise. We thoroughly assess the applicants in terms of competencies, experience, expertise, logic, and personality. Upon our initial screening, we will then match candidates who are aligned with your vision.

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