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All foreigners travelling to Indonesia for longer than 30 days stay must have a valid visa. Indonesia is known for having difficult immigration procedures that are tedious and frustrating. Long term stay visa such as Business Visa, Social Visa, Dependant Visa, Work Permit and Itas requires local sponsorship. Local sponsors may be an Indonesian company having relations with you, visa agency or an Indonesian citizen.

Putranto Alliance has a team of immigration lawyers and consultants  who specialize in Indonesia Immigration regulation. Through experience and regular training, we are equiped with  accurate and up-to-date regulations in order to provide timely immigration services to our clients. Putranto Alliance is a local company and may act as your sponsor if required. 

Single/Multiple Entry Business Visa
Single/Multiple Entry Business Visa are used for foreigners coming to Indonesia with the intention of
• Attending a business meeting/ conference/ seminars
• Representing a foreign holding company to audit the Indonesia subsidiary
• Sourcing for supplies for trading
Single Entry Business Visa allows stay of up to 60 days while Multiple Entry Business Visa allows for stay of up to 6 months.

Work Visa
Foreigner with the intention to receive income from Indonesia must apply for work visa. Work visa are sponsored by companies that have a paid up capital of at least IDR 1B. Work visa may be granted for 3, 6 or 12 months depending on the role of the foreigners. Work visa is subject to government levy of USD 100 per month for the duration of stay granted.

Temporary Stay Permit (ITAS)
ITAS refer to temporary stay permit that allows foreigners to reside in Indonesia. One of the reasons why many foreigners get deported despite having ITAS is because they do not actually have work permit but are found to be working In Indonesia.

Investor Visa
Investor visa may be granted to investors of an Indonesian limited liability company who sits on the management board (as apparent in the company’s deed) and owns more than IDR 1B worth of shares. This type of visa may be granted for up to two years and do not require the USD 100/month government levy.

Family Unification Visa
Family of ITAS holders may apply for family unification visa. This grants long term stay permit to family members of Work Visa holder so that the family do not have to be separated.

Dependant (Spouse) Visa Foreigners marrying Indonesian citizen may apply for dependant visa which allows them to stay long term in Indonesia. However, dependant visa does not allow for the foreigner to work for other companies without valid work visa. Holder of Spouse Visa may upgrade their stay permit (ITAS) to a more permanent stay permit (ITAP) after at least 2 years. While dependant visa ITAS holders require annual renewal of their stay permit, ITAP holders only need to renew their permit every five years.

A permanent stay visa (ITAP) is a five-year-long permit that enables foreigners to stay in the country long-term without having to extend their visa regulary. ITAP can only be applied after the foreigner has previously obtained a temporary stay permit. Those eligible includes spouse and family of Indonesian citizen, investors who have resided in Indonesia for a long period, ex-Indonesians who wish to regain their citizenship, or retirees from certain countries.

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