Company Establishment (Indonesia)

Our allied notary offices regularly assist local and foreign investors with establishment of business entities. The most common form of corporate entity established to carry out business activities under the laws of Indonesia is the limited liability company, also called Perseroan Terbatas (PT).


1. Deed of Establishment
2. Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights
3. Tax Identification Number and Registration Letter (NPWP)
4. Business Identification Number (NIB), complete with:
a. Business License (Izin Usaha)
b. Importer Identification Number (API)
c. Customs Office Access (NIK)

Estimated time

1. 2 months, for locally owned PT
2. 3 months, for PT PMA

Required documents

1. Company name and scope of business
2. Shareholding structure (min. 2 shareholders, individual or corporate)
3. Articles of Association of the shareholders, if corporate
4. ID/passport of shareholders, if individuals
5. ID/passport of director(s) and commissioner(s)
6. NPWP of local shareholder(s), director(s) and commissioner(s)
7. Address and fixed line telephone number
8. Proof of ownership or lease for business location

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