We broker investment deals for sale of businesses, as well as for leasing, buying or selling property. Our assistance includes taking care of market research and providing a database of available properties. Additionally, in terms of property management, we ensure clients have all relevant documents for evaluating the property, determining the rental rate, and preparing a consolidation for the property. As such, our clients benefit from us marketing the property, screening tenants, reviewing legal agreements, collecting rents, and maintaining the property.  

We also provide office space and meeting rooms for your business needs. Our clients can benefit from leasing a virtual office and acquiring a legal domicile. And if needed, we provide administration and support services for your business.


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Quick Guide to Foreign Individual Direct Ownership of a Landed House in Indonesia 

Quick Guide to Foreign Individual Direct Ownership of an Apartment in Indonesia 

Quick Guide to Property Ownership by a Foreign Investment Company (PT PMA) in Indonesia

A foreign individual who is a resident in Indonesia can directly own a residential home under Hak Pakai (Usage Rights) title. The Hak Pakai (Usage Rights) property can be either a landed house or an apartment. n this guide we will focus on foreign ownership of a landed house under Hak Pakai (Usage Rights) more

A foreign individual who is a resident in Indonesia can directly own a residential home under Hak Pakai (Usage Rights) title. The Hak Pakai (Usage Rights) property can be either a landed house or an apartment. In this guide we will focus on the ownership of a residential apartment under Hak Pakai atas Satuan Rumah Susun (Usage Rights on Apartment Unit). read more

By using a foreign corporate ownership model, a foreigner owns shares in a limited liability company that has been approved for foreign investment, what is referred to as a PT PMA. Then, the PT PMA company, not the individual shareholder, owns the property title. Thus, the foreigner owns the company, and the company owns the property. …read more


Leasing Property
We help to facilitate matching property owners and prospective tenants in order to find the right lease deal for you.

Buying and Selling Property 
Whether you are a property owner who is looking to sell or a potential buyer, we help to find the right investment deals for you. We will provide all the resources you need to finalize your property transaction.

Property Management 
We provide a one stop solution for your integrated property management requirements. Our acquisition, renewal, relocation and consolidation services will help you meet your business, financial, and operational objectives.


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