Preparing human resources in Indonesia can be very challenging. Our experience in obtaining foreign work permits, creating employment contracts, policies, procedures and forms, ensures your business complies with Indonesian labor laws. Additionally, we can assist with recruitment, payroll, training, workplace conflict, social security, and healthcare insurance.


Employee Recruitment

The Ministry of Manpower Regulation number 40 year 2012 states that foreigners cannot occupy a position related to human resources. This is understood to mean that foreigners cannot perform any of the normal roles in the recruitment process or take on any other responsibilities within human resources field. By trusting your human resources preparation to us, we can help you to find the right people for your new business team.

Monthly or Periodical Payroll

Indonesian Law number 78 year 2015 sets out the components that need to be included on the payroll of a business.  Managing the salary payroll can be complicated and time consuming. Especially, when you are trying to focus on setting up and expanding your new business. Our experience in providing payroll services, allows you to focus on your core business.  

Work & Stay Permit for Foreigners

Presidential Regulation number 20 year 2018 states that foreigners, who intend to work in Indonesia, must obtain (i)a Work Permit (IMTA), and (ii) a Stay Permit (ITAS). There are some recent exceptions for foreign investors.

  • The Work Permit process from the Minister of Manpower requires a company who intends to employ a foreigner to have: a Mandatory Employment Report (WLK); a Foreign Employment Plan (RPTKA); and a Notification of Using Foreign Worker.
  • The Stay Permit (ITAS) process requires a foreigner to have: a Limited Stay VISA;a Limited Stay Permit (ITAS); a Police Report Cerificate (STM); a Temporary Resident Card (SKTT); and a Report on the Presence of Foreign Worker (LKTKA). 

Our experience assisting expatriates in our own company has helped our clients trust us with ensuring their foreign employees have the correct documentation for legal compliance and peace of mind.

Social Security and Health Insurance

The Indonesian Law number 24 year 2011 requires that every company operating in Indonesia registers its employees with social security and health insurance (BPJS). 

Social security and health insurance is a time consuming administrative process. that can be outsourced to us for your convenience.


Kementerian Ketenagakerjaan Republik Indonesia (Ministry of Manpower), 
Working Permit Consultant License: KEP.693/PPTKPKK/IV/2018
Anggota Kamar Dagang dan Industri Indonesia 
(Chamber of Commerce and Industry Member): 
No. 20203-18100495/22-2-2018


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