Drafting and Reviewing Documents

Well-crafted documents can make a big difference in helping lawyers win lawsuits and avoid legal problems such as fraud, false claims, and other legal issues. Experienced contract lawyers understand that when drafting contracts for their clients, they must produce legal documents that serve the business and legal needs of the person or company.

Legal documents should explain their purpose and be accessible to all parties, but they should be detailed and easily understood. A mistake in the contract, or ambiguity in interpretation, however minor, can have long-term consequences and affect the significance of the document, causing problems for the parties.

We use our extensive experience in contract law to draft contracts that serve the business purpose and try to avoid legal or financial consequences. We go beyond contract drafting and assist in contract negotiations to generate the best possible terms for both parties.

Civil and Criminal Litigation

The procedures in a civil and criminal proceeding are similar. The plaintiffs and defendants present their arguments before a judge in federal or state court. Based on the arguments and analyses of the evidence submitted by both parties, the judge delivers a judgment.

A litigation lawyer will advise on the issues raised and assess the claim on the basis of the facts and applicable law. Supported by our legal team and our alliance of professionals, we will analyze our client’s situation through various professional perspectives. We anticipate any confrontative situation that may arise and provide legal strategies to achieve our clients’ goals

Receiver and Administrator

Whether it is an economic crisis, changing market trends or poor business judgment, there is a possibility for businesses to fail and face bad debt or loan default. Regulations and processes in debt settlement through bankruptcy and debt restructuring procedure have been developing quite significantly in the past years. The regulation aims for fair, fast, transparent, and effective procedures to support ease in doing business and provide business certainty.

We can help in dealing with administrative and legal issues when you or your business are facing bankruptcy or debt restructuring. We help you negotiate and provide advice to guide you in your decisions making so that the process can run smoothly.

Legal Due Diligence, LDD

A legal due diligence report helps investors decide on whether or not to invest or acquire a certain target business. The process will attempt to uncover material facts and possible liabilities through examining documents, interviewing people with knowledge of the target company, and investigating potential conflicts of interest or other issues.

The findings obtained during the legal due diligence process are helpful for both buyers and sellers during the negotiations process. Such information help to ensure that appropriate precautions are taken during the preparation of transaction documentation.

Legal Research, Legal Opinion

Legal research and investigations help to determine whether a proposed new policy would expose your business to liability or harm your business. Based on the research, we can provide an opinion to guide your decision-making processes.

Through our experience in assisting various clients, we have pooled many know-hows to assist you. Our research team will not only review the current regulations but also verify on the ground implementation. We aim to provide an accurate and effective legal opinion that will minimize or mitigate any of your exposure to legal risks

Legal Services on Capital Market

Business practitioners can obtain fresh funds through a public offering in the capital market without any requirement for collateral nor interest payment. However, each public offering (either initial or not) requires an extensive process of due diligence and verification to ensure the company’s readiness and commitment to offer its securities.

We can assist you in every step of the capital market actions to achieve a successful public offering. As capital market legal consultants, we perform legal due diligence, review or draft prospectus for a public offering, render legal opinions, and advise you with the required legal procedure.

In a public offering, our role also includes protecting the public’s interest. Hence, we aim for a win-win solution for you, regulators, and the public. Our alliance of various professions, including accountant, financial advisor, valuator, and tax advisor, facilitates efficient communication and speedy solutions to your public offering process.

Mediation on Business

Prolonged dispute resolution resulting in litigation cases creates inefficiency, unnecessary stress, and financial loss for business owners. Mediation is a common dispute resolution method that can minimize the effect of such a situation. Opposing parties meet in the presence of a mediator to discuss realistic solutions and come up with a settlement. As a certified mediator, we can represent you in negotiation or act as a neutral party who helps find an amicable solution between the parties.

Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual property (IP) law protects the original creation and innovation of creative people from being stolen. To protect your ideas effectively, consider securing the IP rights of your ideas/creations before launching the products in the market. There are four different types of IP rights such as trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and patent rights. In some cases, you need to obtain more than one of these rights to secure your protection.

Our certified IP associates provide assistance with preliminary trademark investigation, advisory on IP issues, registration of trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and patent rights and their maintenance. We make sure you register in the correct class and regularly follow up on ongoing registration. When required, we can represent you in negotiations or perform necessary legal procedures in the event of IP-related disputes.


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