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Putranto Alliance aims to help clients increase their business value, improve time efficiency, and mitigate risk while in compliance with the prevailing regulations. Our professionals make it easier for local and foreign investors to succeed in executing their business plans. We can help you establish your new business, ensure you are compliant, prepare your human resources, manage your property, grow and protect your business, and if necessary, arrange for the sale or closure of your business.

Other Services

Valuation, Appraisal

Valuation Services

Valuation is often required to determine the fair economic value of the business, property, or even intangible assets of a business. We use a valuation report as a basis for an acquisition or a merger, as requirements for issuance of shares in the capital markets, or for straightforward buying and selling transactions. Valuation is a subjective process that requires the skills of a certified appraiser. Different techniques and considerations used during the valuation process result in variations in the outcome of the report.

Furthermore, there are other intangible assets such as intellectual property, credibility, and reputation of a brand that are difficult to quantify. Such assessment will require the expertise of highly experienced appraisers.
Putranto Alliance network of synergies provide valuation services as required by our clients. The process to determine fair market value, investment value or intrinsic value of the business are using many different techniques of valuation. We work with certified appraisers to generate a written report that you can use for fulfilment of regulatory requirements. We also provide an in-house report if you only require a general guideline on the value of the business or product.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

Feasiblity studies assist management in making strategic decisions in terms of business growth and development. They also provide the stakeholders with insights on the potential risks and challenges. While it is a crucial process, many business owners tend to disregard the importance of such study while opting to go for their “gut feeling”.

Our team conducts market research to collect enhanced data as a basis for our projections. We will discuss with experienced predecessors in the industry, analyze and ask questions to ensure the validity of our data. We strive to provide you with a ballpark picture of the potential for this new project so that you can make an informed decision.

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