File your tax today!

The Covid-19 tax incentive has been extended until June 2021. The incentive is given with regards to Article 21, Article 22 and Article 25 Income Tax and allows for expedited VAT refund process. As the tax season approaches, file your taxes early to avoid penalty and continue receiving such benefit!

In the recent years, government has moved to digitalization and we are seeing the nations data systems becoming integrated amongst the government offices. With easier access to information, failure or delay in reporting your tax return can affect business expansion plans as licensing applications and business transactions cannot be processed. For individuals who are not compliant in their tax reporting, you may be requested to settle the tax issues before entering into any transactions such as selling your property or renewal of your vehicle registration.

We have seen many of our clients face such situation. Projects get delayed, transactions can fall apart and opportunities are lost. Time is of the essence for business people. Let us help you mitigate that risk. At Putranto Alliance, we provide tax reporting services for individual and corporate taxpayers as well as advisory services for tax planning. We also provide corporate services to assist you with keeping your company administration matters up to date and in compliance with the latest regulations. Our understanding of the process enable us to anticipate problems and advise clients accordingly. Contact us at [email protected] for a free consultation.
File your tax today!
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