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In the last decade, we have made Peak Auction into your trusted experienced auction company that finds the best assets at best price for our bidders. We ensure our auctions are held openly and there is no preferential treatment given to bidders.



Our alliance has almost 10 year worth of experience within the property business market, and we have made Peak Auction into one experienced auction company when it comes to finding best asset at best price for our bidder.



Peak Auction employs expert curator in appraising automotive, combined with our market database. Every auction will be attended by potential buyers, from individual to groups.




Since the establishment back in 2014, Putranto Alliance have managed various business units with clients from various background as well. This has helped Peak Auction when giving offer to our bidder.


We ensure that our auction process will be held openly and there will be no priority within our bidders. Equality between rights and obligations between bidders will create a successful and objective auction process as written on the auction procedure 27/PMK.06/2016



Managed by our expert workforce and preceded by auction announcement so that our bidders can be gathered during the auction date.




I frequently attend auctions and just wanted to acknowledge that Peak Auction Indonesia is a a professional auction firm. They operate a nice, clean auction facility and do not try to gauge their customers with unjustified buyers premium.”

– Ms. Yanti Rohmiati

PT Grand Pan Properti

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