• In 2019, we performed legal due diligence on a local bank that was up for acquisition. We checked its corporate documentations including permits and licenses. We also checked its compliance process to regulating authorities, and assets collateral pledged to the bank. Relevant third party agreements were reviewed and we disclosed any existing dispute.

• In 2018, we did field investigation study for a foreign investor to verify four mining licenses in Kalimantan. We also checked the validity of licenses with the local offices and reported any infrastructure problems. In addition, we assisted with obtaining locals acceptance of the project in the area.

• In 2016, we assisted a group of Korean Investors who planned to acquire a Palm Oil Plantation in East Kalimantan. We conducted legal due diligence, field survey, and visited local government offices on behalf of our client. Our team checked the validity of the location permits for any overlapping issues with other permit holders. We investigated and reported any irregular land transaction found to the client.

• In 2015, we assisted a group of timber investors from China to conduct a 530-hectare land administration and field survey in West Kalimantan. Our services included visiting the government offices to obtained plans and permits, such as Regional Development Plan (RTRW), forestry plan, location permits from the National Land Authority (BPN) and the Economic Development Agency (Bappeda).

• In 2013, we assisted a group of companies owning palm oil plantation who would like to sell the asset by preparing its due diligence. Our legal team represented the seller and ensured the completeness of each company’s corporate documents, permits and licenses of land of more than 16,000 hectares.

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