Services Based on Business Sector

We have categorized a selection of our services by sector to highlight how Putranto Alliance can assist a wide variety of businesses in Indonesia, with capabilities extending beyond these sectors. The expert team of Putranto Alliance work closely with clients to develop tailored strategies that drive greater certainty, efficiency, and integration for their operations.

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The construction sector involves the building, renovation, and maintenance of structures such as residential and commercial buildings, infrastructure projects like roads and bridges, and other physical developments. Putranto Alliance can help construction businesses through the complexity of obtaining relevant permits and licenses essential for their operations (such as SBU, SKK, and IUJK) as well as providing other beneficial services.

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Financial & Remittance

The financial & remittance sector involves providing banking services, monetary transactions, and the transfer of funds domestically and internationally, facilitating efficient money movement and financial management. Putranto Alliance assists businesses in this sector by helping them obtain necessary licenses from relevant authorities including the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and Bank of Indonesia (BI), as well as ensuring regulatory compliance through other beneficial services.

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The mining sector is involved in the extraction of minerals, metals, and other geological materials from the earth, which are then processed and used in various industries, including manufacturing, construction, and energy production. Putranto Alliance offers comprehensive support to mining industries, from securing essential permits and licenses (such as IUP and IUJP), conducting Environmental Impact Assessments (AMDAL), to providing a range of other services that simplify daily business activities such as legal and other regulatory procedures.

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Manufacturing / Industry

The manufacturing / industry sector focuses on the production of goods through the processing of raw materials, components, and assembly lines, producing items ranging from consumer products to industrial machinery. Putranto Alliance provides assistance to manufacturing businesses in obtaining licenses and permits relevant for their operations and products, particularly Industrial Business License (IUI) and product-specific industrial permits. The team also offers additional services that can help streamline business operational activities.

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The agriculture sector is dedicated to the cultivation of crops and the raising of livestock, providing food, fiber, and other products essential for human consumption and various industrial uses. Putranto Alliance is capable to assist agriculture businesses in obtaining relevant business licenses and permits, as well as providing other services beneficial for their activities such as legal, compliance, and other regulatory procedures.

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Tourism & Hospitality

The tourism and hospitality sector focuses on providing travel services, accommodations, dining, and entertainment, catering to tourists and travelers seeking leisure, recreation, and business experiences. This sector includes a wide variety of touristry businesses such as tourist destinations, hotels and accommodations, and food services like restaurants and bars. Putranto Alliance is able to assist tourism & hospitality industries in gaining relevant business requirements such as Tourism Business Registration Certification (TDUP) or Restaurant Permit, helping through complex compliance procedures, as well as helping clients gain business insights from legal point of view.

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Food & Beverage

The food & beverage sector involves the production, processing, packaging, and distribution of edible products and beverages, including food manufacturing companies. Putranto Alliance is ready to assist food & beverage companies wishing to obtain certificates and licenses mandatory for their businesses, such as PIRT Certificate, BPOM Licenses, and Halal Certificate. Putranto Alliance is also ready to guide and assist clients through challenging other legal or compliance matters.

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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

The healthcare and pharmaceutical sector is dedicated to providing medical services, manufacturing drugs, and developing treatments to improve and maintain health, including hospitals, clinics, medical research, and pharmaceutical companies. Putranto Alliance provides assistance to healthcare & pharmaceuticals company wishing to obtain certificates and licenses mandatory for their businesses, such as licenses issued by BPOM. The team is also ready to guide clients through other legal or compliance challenges that may be faced during their operation.

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Transportation & Logistic

The transportation and logistics sector involves the movement and storage of goods and people, providing services such as shipping, warehousing, freight management, and public transit to ensure efficient and timely delivery. Putranto Alliance can assist transportation & logistic companies in obtaining requirements relevant to their operational activities such as transportation business permit (IUJPT) as well as providing various services to help their business ventures in Indonesia.

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Other Sectors

Putranto Alliance is capable of assisting sectors not listed here. The team offers services that are adaptable to the needs of any business, not limited to a specific industry. 

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