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Buying and Selling Property

Conveyancers administer land and property transactions. However, their authority is limited to the district they are registered in. Conveyancers are public officials with the responsibility to ensure valid land documentation before a sale and purchase transaction takes place.

Our alliances of conveyancers ensure properly executed land transactions. When you engage with us, you do not have to worry about any problems that may arise many years after the transaction. We draft the rights and obligations of the buyers and sellers according to the terms negotiated amongst them. In addition, we make sure the sale and purchase deed meets the legal requirements. After signing the sales and purchase deed, we help register changes to the rights holders at the local Land Authority Office

Land Certification Verification

There have been many land ownership disputes due to improper land ownership documentation, lack of land ownership proof, or even overlapping ownership for the same plot of land. Therefore, we need to verify the authenticity of the land certificates before any land transaction.

Our verification services include confirming that the seller has paid off previous land and building taxes. Our team will confirm the authenticity of the certificate at the Land Authority Office. In addition, we will check for disputes, overlapping issues or if the certificate is pledged to another party.

Land Certificate Administrative Process

When you acquire a property, you need to register your name on the land certification as proof of ownership. The same applies when you inherit properties. In the case when your land title deed is Right to Use (Hak Guna Bangunan), there is a validity period for such certificates, and you need to extend them before it expires. When a foreign individual buys a property in Indonesia, the buyer must check if the land title deed can be converted to Leasehold prior to acquisition. These situations require you to process land certification administrative issues at the Land Authority Office.

Putranto Alliance assists with all types of administrative issues relating to land certifications. We help obtain relevant recommendations for certificate conversions. We help process title deed amendments at the Land Authority Office. When required, we also assist with the registration of land certificates that have been used as collaterals.


Legal Documents in Capital Contribution in Kind

A shareholder can increase their capital contribution in a business entity by way of cash injection or capital contribution in kind (other forms than money, including depositing properties/land assets). This capital contribution must be done correctly to ensure smooth process. Shareholders can put their property as capital contribution in kind, and the shareholder will get a number of shares according to the value of the property. Value of the property should be based on appraisal from an independent appraiser. Afterward the property’s title would be transferred into the business’ name.

Prior to the signing of the Deed of Capital Contribution in Kind (Inbreng), the property’s value meant to be the contribution must be appraised by an independent appraiser and any taxes incurred in the inbreng must be paid. Contribution in kind can be made at the time of establishment of the business entity or after the business entity established. The difference lies in the need for the approval of the General Meeting of Shareholders.
The contribution in kind will also change the capital structure of business entity. Putranto Alliance helps you to take care of all the Inbreng process from the preparation stage, the assessment, the title transfer of the property’s deed, and doing the reporting and/or getting approval for the changes of capital structure from the Minister of Law and Human Rights.


Legal Documents Land Mortgage

When banks and other financial institutions giving out loans, they prefer non-depreciating assets as collateral such as property, compared to cars, machinery, receivables and others. Property collateral as immovable asset is also considered relatively safer and easier to execute if the case of a loan default. The Mortgage Rights Law has provided options for debt settlement by way of selling through an auction or private sale, with regards to requirements stipulated in the Mortgage Rights Law and the Credit Agreement involved.

The Mortgage Rights Law has provided options for debt settlement by way of selling through an auction or private sale, with regards to requirements stipulated in the Mortgage Rights Law and the Credit Agreement involved.


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