We are looking for someone who possesses a good logical thinking process, is passionate about learning, and can align their thinking to our Leaders, prioritizing agility, quality, and flexibility. We welcome candidates with excellent skills to adapt to our working environment and quickly learn about new things or tasks.

You will be responsible for designing new systems, modifying, enhancing, or adapting existing systems, and integrating new features or improvements to improve business quality, efficiency, and productivity.

Responsibilities (TANGGUNG JAWAB)

  • Examining existing working systems and business models;
  • Designing new working systems and frameworks;
  • Implementing, configuring, and testing feasible solutions;
  • Automating our current working process to increase our productivity;
  • Creating a dashboard that we can use to oversee our process;
  • Creating working system guidelines and manuals for our alliances;
  • Conducting regular reviews of working systems and generating reports on efficiencies and improvement areas.


  • Able to make decisions, take responsibility for own actions, admit mistakes and apologize;
  • Able to prioritize tasks efficiently and effectively to deliver good results;
  • Able to reason when solving a problem and simplify them;
  • Able to empathize and communicate well with clients and respond rapidly to any possible complaints;
  • Highly ethical, discreet, and able to maintain confidentiality;
  • Conduct work with integrity and collaborate responsibly using agile project management method.


  • Critical thinker with good problem-solving capacity, analytical and research skills;
  • Have a strong commitment to perform given tasks and good flexibility in multitasking;
  • Possess sound logic, good interpersonal skills, and strong theoretical knowledge;
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Engineering, Statistics or equivalent with a strong academic record from reputable university with min. GPA 3.00, fresh graduates can also apply;
  • Tech-savvy, having good knowledge of software that can help increase productivity;
  • Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English.


Our Mindset & Culture

We are a result-oriented group/alliance consisting of several completely different yet integrated business units. We prioritize providing integrated and holistic professional and business services to our clients, focusing on speed and quality.

Our Recruitment Step

    • Submit CV and relevant documents (Resume, Cover Letter / Work References, and other supporting documents) to:
      • Office located on Jalan Denpasar Raya Blok C4/24, Kompleks Menteri, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan, 12950, Indonesia and make an appointment to talk to our HR.
      • Online at: [email protected]
      • Online directly on the application form on this page.
    • We screen to determine whether our culture, work ethics, role, posirions and requirements fits you.
    • After passing the screening test, we will send an online test email where you should finish the test within the allocated time.
    • The next step is scheduled online/offline interview to get to know you personally.

    We will inform our decision on each step regardless of the result.

Connect With Us

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