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Putranto Alliance is a synergy of professional services companies and firms providing integrated solutions for our clients’ needs. Our history dates back to the late 70s when we started providing legal services as a notary firm. Over the years, we have grown our credentials and developed our team to serve you better.

Putranto Alliance aims to help clients increase their business value, improve time efficiency, and mitigate risk while in compliance with the prevailing regulations. Our professionals make it easier for local and foreign investors to succeed in executing their business plans. We can help you establish your new business, ensure you are compliant, prepare your human resources, manage your property, grow and protect your business, and if necessary, arrange for the sale or closure of your business.

Time Efficiency and Speed

Our multiple perspectives and competencies allow us to understand your your broad vision, long term strategies and current business tactics and develop a series/chain of business tactics, leading to higher certainty, time efficient and integrative outcomes for the corporate strategic actions/maneuvers that propels your growth and achieve business milestones in Indonesia.

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