Putranto Alliance draws upon the qualifications and experiences of our professional team members to provide a wide range of services. Equipped with good knowledge of current regulatory policies and market trends, we analyze opportunities and present integrated business strategies.Β 

Portrait of Mr. Handi Putranto Wilamarta

S.H., M.H., M.Kn., BA., M.B.A., AK., C.A., B.K.P.

Handi Putranto Wilamarta is a multidisciplinary corporate advisory professional with the vision of providing integrated services in delivering business value. His legal, finance & tax capabilities, experience, and leadership enabled Putranto Alliance to deliver tailored strategies/solutions that best fit existing situation and the future. Handi has real estate, finance & investments, tax, and local and international law licenses.

Picture of Mr. Misahardi Wilamarta

DR. MISAHARDI WILAMARTA θ–›η’‹ιœ– S.H., M.H., M.Hum., M.Kn., LLM., S.E., M.M., M.B.A., M.Pd.

Dr. Misahardi Wilamarta has been a Public Notary and Conveyancer for 34 years before his retirement. He is a lifelong scholar of international corporate law, business, and education. He mentored hundreds of legal practitioners and helped thousands of local and foreign investors establish companies and their legal compliance. Before his retirement in 2013, he became one of Manullang & Putranto Law Firm’s partners.

Picture of Ms. Tria Indrasari


Tria Indrasari is a professional with more than 15 years of experience in the fields of tax, accounting, finance, and property in Indonesia. Her vast understanding and experience in finance and tax help clients achieve growth and mitigate their risks. Tria keeps up with the prevailing regulations and laws in all fields of interest and is an active member of several professional associations in Indonesia and internationally. Her recent academic achievement is a Diploma in International Trust Management and Postgraduate Diploma in Private Wealth Advising.

portrait of sardjana orba manullang

S.H., S.Sos., M.H., M.Kn.

Dr. Sardjana Orba Manullang is a well-respected leader in the Indonesian legal profession, with more than 25 years of legal experience. He specializes in Intellectual Property, Labor, Corporate, Bankruptcy, and Environment Law. He is one of the partners in Manullang & Putranto Law Firm and the founder of Indonesia Professional Association for Intellectual Property and Plant Variety Rights. Besides being active in his professional field, Sardjana is also active in legal education as an assistant professor in several universities.

Portrait of Adi Soegiarto


Adi received his legal degree from Universitas Esa Unggul. He is a project manager with extensive experience in dispute settlement, litigation, and family law. He has represented companies from different industry sectors with a variety of proceedings and transactions. He provides expert advice with regards to joint venture, family law matters and litigation matters.

Portrait of Ms. Linda Soehardja


Linda Soehardja has always been interested in languages and cultures. She used to live and study in several foreign countries for years and eagerly took the opportunity to learn their languages and cultures. Ms. Soehardja joins Putranto Alliance for opportunities to engage local and foreign clients. She eagerly communicates and assists wherever possible using her international experience, understanding of other cultures and languages, and professional legal and tax qualifications gained through ongoing studies in Putranto Alliance.

Portrait of Lydia Indriyani


Lydia Indriany Widjaja is a Human Resources team member at Putranto Alliance, bringing over 20 years of extensive experience to the role. She has amassed diverse expertise in human relation, negotiation, customer success, finance, and management throughout her career. Her professional development includes certifications and training in labour law and tax consulting, enhancing her proficiency in human resource management. Her comprehensive skill set uniquely positions her as an adept human resource officer, capable of effectively navigating the multifaceted aspects of personnel management.

Portrait of Susan Cusiano


Susan Cusiano is a professional in customer success with over two decades of experience. She has excelled in customer service roles, particularly in legal and banking environments, where she built and maintained strong client relationships. Supported by her excellent communication skills and professional certifications, she possesses a deep understanding of clients and adeptly manages tasks to enhance their experiences. Her diverse background and dedication to delivering exceptional service guarantee customer satisfaction, establishing her as a valuable asset in her current role.

Portrait of Dandy Amaldan

Dandy Amaldan, S.H.

Dandy Amaldan is a legal professional with extensive experience in corporate law and various business sectors. Dandy has held significant positions in prestigious law firms and handled diverse legal matters, including corporate actions, commercial litigations, financing, business transactions, labour issues, and general and specific commercial disputes such as bankruptcy and intellectual property rights. His expertise is further complemented by professional certifications and participation in numerous training sessions. Fluent in both Indonesian and English, his rich experience and continuous dedication to professional development make him a valuable asset in the legal field.

Portrait of Agung Maulana


Agung is a professional accountant specializing in financial accounting, tax, and financial audit reporting. With 7 years of experience with local and foreign clients, Agung has resolved numerous client issues, particularly in tax audit, tax planning, and financial decision-making.Β 

Portrait of Yeni


Yeni is an accountant with over 3 years of experience and holds essential certifications in Brevet A & B. She has excelled in managing financial reporting, tax planning, and compliance for both foreign and local companies. Her tenure at Putranto Alliance has enhanced her understanding of accounting and tax rules, making her proficient in aligning financial strategies with business needs. Her skills in simplifying financial processes and ensuring transparency help the client in seeking practical and compliant financial solutions.

Portrait of Reyhan Adam Himawan

Reyhan Adam Himawan, S.I.A.

Reyhan Adam Himawan has been an integral part of Putranto Alliance, specializing in tax and accounting. His responsibilities include preparing and analyzing financial statements, ensuring tax compliance, conducting comprehensive tax and financial due diligence, and providing strategic tax advice for clients. With a solid educational background and professional certifications, Reyhan brings an informed approach to his work. His fluency in both Indonesian and English enables him to effectively manage and communicate complex financial and tax matters to a diverse clientele.

Portrait of David James

David James Oliver Tuhusula, S.H., M.H.

David is a legal professional with extensive experience across several prominent law firms. Throughout his career, he is specialized in Manpower Law and Intellectual Property Law, where he has built a reputation for providing expert counsel and achieving favorable outcomes for his clients. Fluent in English and Indonesian, he proficiently communicates with many clientele for their diverse legal challenges. His bilingual abilities further enhance his capacity to serve a broad spectrum of local and international clients.


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