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Listed below are services that Putranto Alliance can offer for your business. We help you develop tactics that lead to higher certainty, time-efficient, and integrative outcomes. Our multiple perspectives and competencies help us understand your broad vision, long-term strategies, and current business plans.

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Business Establishment & Licenses

Establishing a company entails the formation and organization of a legal entity to conduct business. This process requires adherence to a series of steps governed by law to ensure legal operation. 

Putranto Alliance offers assistance to business parties seeking to establish a company. We guide local or foreign business actors through the business establishment process to ensure the company can conduct business operations in Indonesia.

Expanding business operations overseas presents unique challenges and opportunities for companies seeking international growth. Establishing a Representative Office (Kantor Perwakilan Perusahaan Asing/KPPA) in a foreign country like Indonesia can be a strategic move to gain insights into the local market, conduct market research, and explore investment opportunities.

Putranto Alliance facilitated the establishment of a Representative Office in Indonesia. The comprehensive service is designed to guide business entities through each step of the process seamlessly and provide end-to-end support to foreign companies seeking to explore opportunities in Indonesia.

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Expanding a business overseas presents a strategic opportunity for companies aiming to boost profitability and market reach. Indonesia offers an enticing landscape for foreign companies seeking to establish a branch office, allowing them to tap into the country’s vibrant market. A branch office serves as a direct extension of the parent company, enabling expanded operations and increased market presence. Navigating the complexities of establishing a foreign-owned branch office in Indonesia requires comprehensive legal and operational support.

Putranto Alliance offers tailored assistance to facilitate the setup process and ensure compliance with local regulations.

Commanditaire Vennotschaap (Persekutuan Komanditer/CV) is a unique business entity that brings together one or more partners and one or more complementary partners to conduct business activities. Establishing a CV entails navigating through various legal procedures and administrative requirements.

Putranto Alliance offers comprehensive assistance to entrepreneurs seeking to establish a CV.

Establishing an association is the process of creating a structured and organized group of individuals united by a common purpose or interest. This initiative provides a platform for community members to collaborate, share knowledge, advocate for shared goals, and enhance collective presence in their chosen field or area of interest. Associations serve as vital conduits for community engagement, fostering cooperation and concerted efforts toward achieving collective objectives.

Putranto Alliance offers comprehensive support in establishing associations and provides expert legal consultation and notary services. The experienced team assists in setting up associations according to your objectives, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Cooperative development in Indonesia has witnessed significant growth in quantity over the years. However, there’s still room for improvement in terms of quality to ensure their substantial contribution to the national economy. The essence of cooperative development lies in strengthening these entities to become robust, independent, and resilient.

Establishing a cooperative requires careful planning, legal expertise, and strategic guidance. Putranto Alliance supports aspiring cooperatives throughout every stage of the establishment process.

Establishing a foundation represents a significant commitment to philanthropy and social impact. It provides individuals or organizations with a structured platform to channel resources toward meaningful causes and initiatives. By creating a foundation, individuals can leave a lasting mark on society, ensuring that their vision and values positively influence future generations.

Putranto Alliance provides comprehensive support throughout the establishment process to help any individuals or organizations build and sustain a successful foundation.

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in addressing various social, cultural, and educational issues without focusing on financial gains. Establishing such organizations requires adherence to specific regulations and procedures, particularly in countries like Indonesia.

Putranto Alliance offer a range of services tailored to assist individuals and organizations in establishing nonprofit entities in Indonesia. The team provides comprehensive support throughout the process, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and facilitating a seamless setup.

Many investors seek to expand their market by incorporating overseas companies, leading to the rise of overseas company incorporation services. These services aid in navigating administrative and legal processes in various countries.

Putranto Alliance is dedicated to assisting clients, both local and foreign, in incorporating companies in Indonesia and overseas swiftly, accurately, and efficiently.

Business licenses are essential permits issued by government agencies that authorize individuals or companies to conduct business within a specified jurisdiction. In Indonesia, the requirements for business licenses vary depending on regional jurisdiction and industry type. Both foreign and domestic investments are regulated by the BKPM (Capital Investment Coordinating Board), overseeing company and foreign investment laws. However, certain high-risk industries like financial institutions, insurance, or oil and gas have distinct licensing authorities.

Putranto Alliance guides the clients through the intricacies of the licensing process. The experts ensure that any business venture such as construction, real estate, mining, trading, or other sectors, meet all the necessary requirements efficiently and effectively.

Business Identification Number (Nomor Induk Berusaha/NIB) is a unique code assigned to businesses upon their registration with the relevant governmental authority. The NIB is critical for compliance, financial transactions, and legal operations, serving as a key to accessing various services and benefits within the business ecosystem.

Putranto Alliance helps every business party, both individuals and non-individuals, to be able to create an NIB and other documents related to the legality of business activities. 

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The Taxpayer Identity Number (Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak/NPWP) in Indonesia, serves as a crucial identifier for taxpayers. This unique number is essential for fulfilling tax obligations, accessing benefits, and facilitating various financial and business transactions.

Putranto Alliance offers comprehensive support for obtaining a Taxpayer Identity Number (NPWP) in Indonesia. Our services include providing detailed information and guidance on NPWP registration requirements and procedures.

The PIRT Certificate and BPOM License are critical elements in the regulation and safety of processed food within Indonesia, ensuring that products meet stringent health and safety standards before reaching consumers.

Putranto Alliance assists all business matters and needs of clients (both local and foreign) related with PIRT & BPOM Licenses.

Ensuring compliance with Electronic System Operator Certificate Registration (Tanda Daftar Penyelenggara Sistem Elektronik/TDPSE) is crucial for electronic system operators to maintain legal standards and secure operations.

Putranto Alliance supports electronic system operators to obtain proper registration and adhere to all regulatory requirements, thereby protecting user data and preventing potential administrative sanctions.

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The regulations surrounding Construction Services in Indonesia, encompassing both individual and business entities, whether incorporated or not, are stringent. To operate within the legal framework, entities are required to hold an Individual Business Registration Certificate and a Business License for Construction Services.

The service is designed to streamline the complex process of obtaining SBU, SKK, and IUJK, ensuring construction business meets all regulatory requirements without hassle.

Registering imported products for sale in a foreign market involves a detailed and essential process that prioritizes customer safety and regulatory compliance. Local businesses wishing to export their products need to complete a few procedures and obtain some required documents both from local and foreign government of the country they wish to export their products to before conducting the exporting activity. For foreign companies seeking to sell their products in Indonesia, it is required to obtain a variety of permits and registrations as well.

Putranto Alliance assists clients with product registration needs in Indonesia for both export and import purposes. The comprehensive services cover every aspect of the registration process, from due diligence and negotiations between importers and producers to preparing sales contracts and managing product registrations.

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Immigration represents a critical pathway for individuals seeking new opportunities, safety, education, or familial connections across international borders. It involves a detailed process requiring specific documentation and adherence to regulatory standards.

Putranto Alliance focuses on immigration services to effectively guide clients through intricate immigration landscape in Indonesia. The team assists in preparing and meticulously reviewing all necessary documents to ensure compliance with Indonesian immigration laws, reducing the risk of application rejection due to incomplete or inaccurate submissions.

A Stay Permit is a document essential for foreigners to legally reside in a country like Indonesia that ensures compliance with immigration laws and allows for lawful stays for specific purposes. Without this permit, individuals may face deportation or other severe legal consequences, highlighting its importance in avoiding complications during their stay. The permit, which complements the validity of a Visa, must be meticulously regulated and understood to maintain national security.

Putranto Alliance offers comprehensive assistance in navigating the complex application process, ensuring clients gather the necessary documentation, submit accurate applications, and comply with all regulations, thereby facilitating a smooth and legally secure stay in Indonesia.

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A Temporary Stay Permit (Izin Tinggal Terbatas/ITAS) and Permanent Stay Permit (Izin Tinggal Tetap/ITAP) are critical documents for foreigners wishing to reside in Indonesia, ensuring compliance with immigration laws and enabling lawful stays for various purposes. Without these permits, individuals may face deportation or other severe legal consequences, underscoring their importance in preventing complications during their stay. These permits, which complement the validity of a Visa, must be meticulously regulated and understood to maintain national security.

Putranto Alliance offers comprehensive assistance in navigating the complex application process for both ITAS and ITAP. We ensure clients gather the necessary documentation, submit accurate applications, and comply with all regulations, thereby facilitating a smooth and legally secure stay in Indonesia.

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In today’s globalized business landscape, the role of foreign workers is becoming increasingly important for companies looking to expand internationally. The expertise and perspectives brought by foreign employees can greatly contribute to a company’s success, particularly as it navigates new markets and cultural landscapes. However, employing foreign workers in Indonesia requires adherence to specific laws and regulations. Navigating Indonesia’s immigration procedures, especially for long-term stays, can be complex and challenging.

The experienced immigration lawyers and consultants in Putranto Alliance offer their services to obtain necessary working permits in Indonesian laws and regulations.

The Indonesian National Standard (SNI) plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and safety of products and services within Indonesia. It provides a reference point for consumers, indicating that a product or service meets national quality standards.

Putranto Alliance provides comprehensive assistance to businesses seeking certification for their products or services. The experienced professionals ensure that all requirements for obtaining an SNI certificate are met effectively and efficiently.

Tax & Accounting

Tax and accounting service play pivotal roles in the financial landscape of any country. Taxation is not just a financial obligation but also a fundamental pillar of governance, funding essential public services and infrastructure. Meanwhile, accounting services provide the framework for businesses to accurately record, report, and analyze their financial activities, ensuring transparency and compliance with regulatory standards.

Putranto Alliance provides comprehensive tax and accounting service tailored to clients’ unique needs, offering expert guidance, customized solutions, and timely service.

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Not all business owners qualify as taxable enterprises or persons (Pengusaha Kena Pajak/PKP), but those with a turnover exceeding 4.8 billion IDR, who export taxable goods and services, and engage in the provision of taxable goods and services are included under this designation. Understanding who is considered a PKP, their responsibilities, and the advantages of obtaining PKP status can significantly affect business operations within Indonesia.

Putranto Alliance stands ready to guide businesses through the complexities of achieving PKP status.

Tax Return Services (Surat Pemberitahuan/SPT) play a critical role in Indonesia’s tax system, providing taxpayers with a means to report income, sales, and other relevant details necessary for calculating taxes. Fulfilling tax return obligations accurately and on time is crucial for every taxpayer. At Putranto Alliance, we offer comprehensive tax return services to assist you in navigating the complexities of tax compliance.

Correcting annual tax returns (SPT Tahunan) is crucial for taxpayers needing to amend previously submitted tax information. This process ensures compliance with tax regulations and helps avoid potential penalties.

Putranto Alliance provides comprehensive support related to the regulations, timeframes, administrative sanctions, and steps involved in correcting annual tax returns in Indonesia. 

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The Taxpayer Identity Number (Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak/NPWP) in Indonesia, serves as a crucial identifier for taxpayers. This unique number is essential for fulfilling tax obligations, accessing benefits, and facilitating various financial and business transactions.

We offer comprehensive support for obtaining a Taxpayer Identity Number (NPWP) in Indonesia. Our services include providing detailed information and guidance on NPWP registration requirements and procedures.

The implementation of the Average Effective Rate (AER) for Income Tax Article 21, effective from January 1, 2024, simplifies the withholding scheme for individual taxpayers. This new method reduces administrative complexity, enhances efficiency, and ensures greater compliance with tax regulations, providing significant benefits to taxpayers.
At Putranto Alliance, we offer comprehensive tax reporting services to help individuals and corporations comply with Income Tax Article 21 regulations. Our experienced professionals handle accurate calculations and timely submissions, enabling clients to focus on their core activities while ensuring full compliance and optimized tax liabilities.

In an effort to optimize tax revenue, regulate the consumption of goods and services, and maintain economic stability within Indonesia, the government has implemented a Value Added Tax (VAT) applicable at every stage of the supply chain process. Compliance with the current VAT regulations is crucial for taxpayers to avoid penalties and fines imposed by tax authorities.

At Putranto Alliance, we understand the complexities of VAT and STLG compliance and the unique challenges businesses face in navigating these tax obligations.

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VAT restitution is a critical financial process for businesses, offering a method to reclaim overpaid Value Added Tax (VAT). This reclaiming of VAT plays a significant role in a cash flow of a company and operational efficiency, facilitated by the Directorate General of Taxation (DGT) under current regulations and mechanisms. Understanding and applying VAT restitution processes can lead to effective and efficient refunds, which is crucial for the financial health of businesses.

Putranto Alliance recognizes the complexities and challenges that businesses face in navigating the VAT restitution process. Our expertise and services are tailored to assist companies in optimizing their VAT management and reclaiming processes.

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The government frequently conducts tax audits to ensure that taxpayers comply with their tax obligations. Tax audits, integral for verifying the accuracy, completeness, and clarity of Annual Tax Returns (SPT Tahunan), can be a source of significant stress for individuals and companies due to the legal and financial implications that may arise from the audit outcomes.

Putranto Alliance offers expert assistance in preparing for a tax audit, including organizing financial records, advising on minimizing legal tax liabilities, and providing representation.

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Tax audits, objections, and appeals are common occurrences in the corporate world due to misunderstandings of tax regulations. The government, through the Directorate General of Taxation, ensures tax compliance among taxpayers. However, navigating tax regulations can be complex, leading to disputes between companies and tax authorities. We offer comprehensive support for tax audits, objections, and appeals, providing strategic representation, thorough case review, tailored solutions, seamless communication, and efficient resolution.

Tax due diligence plays a pivotal role in the realm of business transactions, especially in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). This critical process encompasses a detailed examination of a company’s tax-related aspects, aiming to ensure compliance with tax laws, identify potential tax risks, and comprehend their effects on the financial well-being of the organization.

As transactions become more complex and globalized, the importance of tax due diligence escalates, highlighting its necessity for informed decision-making and successful deal conclusion. Our expertise in tax due diligence is designed to seamlessly integrate with your business objectives, ensuring that every transaction aligns with your strategic goals while mitigating tax-related risks.

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Tax resolution service is essential in navigating the complexities of resolving tax-related issues between taxpayers and tax authorities. Aimed at achieving sustainable solutions beneficial for both parties, these services address the financial and compliance challenges faced by taxpayers.

At Putranto Alliance, we offer comprehensive tax resolution services tailored to the unique needs of individuals and businesses. Our team of experts provides personalized tax representation and advisory services, guiding clients through tax audits, dispute resolution, and strategic tax planning.

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Tax representation service play a pivotal role in assisting both individuals and businesses to fulfill their tax-related duties effectively. These services are delivered by seasoned tax consultants and encompass a broad range of expertise and capabilities, including adept negotiation with tax authorities. Such support not only saves time and money but also provides substantial peace of mind for clients.

At Putranto Alliance, we provide tailored tax representation services for individuals and businesses, ensuring your tax issues are properly managed.

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International taxation encompasses regulations governing the taxation of domestic and foreign entities engaged in cross-border business activities, aiming to mitigate risks such as double taxation and tax avoidance arising from variances in tax provisions across jurisdictions.

Putranto Alliance offers a range of services to assist with international tax matters.

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Transfer pricing is a pivotal concern for companies engaged in transactions with their related entities. It is primarily aimed at optimizing the profit of the company by setting the prices of goods or services. Transfer pricing also seeks to enhance the efficiency and synergy between the company and its shareholders.

At Putranto Alliance, our team of registered tax consultants is equipped to assist your business in crafting a transfer pricing scheme that adheres to the arm’s length principle and complies with Indonesia Tax Law.

Tax planning plays a crucial role in managing tax liabilities effectively while ensuring compliance with applicable regulations. By strategically organizing financial activities, individuals and businesses can minimize tax payments and optimize profitability and liquidity.

At Putranto Alliance, our services aim to assist taxpayers with accounting and taxation needs in Indonesia, including the planning process.

Financial advisory is an indispensable resource for individuals and businesses navigating complex financial decisions. Financial consultants play pivotal roles in assisting clients in comprehending asset management and financial objectives. Equipped with diverse training and certifications and offer guidance across various sectors, including business strategies to due diligence for investments and M&A activities.

At Putranto Alliance, our seasoned financial experts offer comprehensive consulting services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

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Bookkeeping is a fundamental component of effective business management, providing the foundation for informed decision-making and financial transparency. It encompasses the regular recording of financial transactions, including assets, liabilities, income, expenses, and acquisitions, culminating in the preparation of comprehensive financial reports such as balance sheets and profit and loss statements. 

Putranto Alliance offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to streamline the bookkeeping endeavors of clients while still adhering to Indonesian accepted bookkeeping standards. 

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Financial reports serve as critical tools for assessing financial performance, aiding decision-making, and communicating an entity’s financial health to stakeholders.

At Putranto Alliance, we specialize in providing tailored financial reporting solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses, offering expertise in preparing accurate and timely financial statements while ensuring compliance with accounting standards and regulations.

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Financial statement analysis involves delving into a financial record of a company to gain insight into its financial position. Understanding financial analysis is crucial for evaluating a performance of company across various stakeholders. By utilizing diverse financial analysis tools, stakeholders can gain valuable insights into critical finance aspects of a company, making it an indispensable process for assessing and comprehending overall performance.

Our financial experts offer tailored solutions to navigate the complexities of financial statement analysis, ensuring informed decision-making based on accurate financial data.

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The preparation of consolidated financial statements is a regulatory requirement for companies with subsidiaries or related entities. These statements amalgamate financial data from various entities within a corporate group to provide stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of the group’s financial performance.

At Putranto Alliance, we specialize in assisting companies in accurately preparing consolidated financial statements to ensure compliance with regulations and standards, offering stakeholders a clear and precise understanding of the group’s financial position. 

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Financial due diligence plays a crucial role in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), providing prospective buyers with vital insights into the financial health of target entities.

At Putranto Alliance, we specialize in conducting both sell-side and buy-side financial due diligence. Leveraging our extensive experience and knowledge in this field, we offer comprehensive financial due diligence services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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Financial audit is a systematic process performed by an independent auditor to evaluate the evidence supporting the financial statements of an entity. Meanwhile, financial review is the process of examining or evaluating the financial condition of an entity or company to assess its financial health, performance, and stability. Financial audit and review are integral processes in the business world to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the financial reports of an entity

Putranto Alliance offers audit and review services tailored to client needs with a commitment to providing the best solutions. 

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A Joint Operation (JO), known as “Kerja Sama Operasi (KSO)” in Indonesia, involves collaborative efforts where multiple entities pool resources to complete projects in industries like oil, gas, mining, and infrastructure development. Proper accounting and tax planning from the establishment phase are crucial for transparency, compliance, and minimizing tax liabilities, ensuring smooth operations and fostering trust among partners.

Putranto Alliance offers tailored tax planning and compliance solutions, robust accounting services, and strategic advisory support to optimize financial management within JO frameworks. Additionally, we assist with business establishment and licensing processes to ensure seamless and compliant business operations in Indonesia.

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Identifying and reporting beneficial owners is a legal obligation crucial for corporate transparency and compliance, helping companies build a good reputation and attract business opportunities. Timely and accurate reporting ensures clear responsibility and accountability, avoiding sanctions such as blocked access to the AHU Online System and OSS System, which can lead to administrative penalties.

Putranto Alliance offers comprehensive assistance with beneficial ownership reporting, including legal, accounting, and tax advisory services to ensure regulatory compliance. We help prepare and expedite the process of identifying, verifying, and reporting beneficial owners, ensuring a seamless and efficient compliance process for your corporation.

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Legal Services

Legal advisory services play a critical role in today’s socio-economic landscape, ensuring individuals and businesses navigate complex legal environments effectively. The law’s primary purpose is to maintain societal order, and adherence to legal frameworks is essential to avoid adverse repercussions. However, understanding applicable laws can be challenging, especially for intricate matters, necessitating expert legal guidance. 

At Putranto Alliance, our expertise extends to a wide array of legal issues, ranging from litigations to contract drafting, mediation, due diligence, intellectual property, and merger & acquisition.

Drafting and reviewing legal documents is a cornerstone of legal practice. It demands a high degree of precision, as these documents form the backbone of legal agreements and are pivotal in asserting rights and obligations. The creation and examination of such documents necessitate a comprehensive understanding of the law, keen attention to detail, and a systematic approach to ensure that they are both accurate and effective.

Putranto Alliance offers expert legal services tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring that their legal documents are crafted with precision and in full compliance with the law.

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The realm of legal research and legal opinions forms an indispensable core of law practice, serving as a beacon for solving complex issues within the legal domain. Our team of seasoned legal advisors excels in both legal research and the formulation of legal opinions. By leveraging our expertise, clients can navigate legal challenges with confidence, minimizing risks and optimizing outcomes.

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Litigation represents a fundamental mechanism for resolving legal disputes, necessitating court intervention to ensure justice and compliance. Recognized as “ultimum remedium,” litigation serves as a last resort for dispute resolution, offering a binding legal outcome that is beyond appeal. This process is not only crucial for the enforcement of rights and obligations but also underscores the legal framework’s capacity to address and mitigate future disputes effectively.

Our legal team offers extensive expertise in both litigation and alternative dispute resolution, providing clients with informed advice and strategic guidance.

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Due diligence is an indispensable process that aids investors and companies in comprehending the essence of a potential transaction. This intricate procedure serves as a thorough examination, aimed at revealing any possible risks associated with a deal and assessing its compatibility with the investor’s or company’s portfolio. The importance of due diligence cannot be overstated, as it acts as a foundational step in ensuring a smooth and informed investment decision.

Our team, steeped in experience and expertise in due diligence, is poised to assist your business in navigating the complexities of this essential process.

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In the dynamic realm of business, the concepts of mergers and acquisitions serve as crucial strategies for companies aiming to enhance their capabilities and competitiveness. Though often used interchangeably, these terms describe distinct approaches towards corporate growth and restructuring.

Putranto Alliance boasts a team of legal and strategic consultants specialized in every phase of the process dedicated to guiding businesses through the intricate terrain of corporate actions.

The Capital Market encompasses activities related to public offerings and securities trading, involving public companies, institutions, and professionals associated with securities. It serves as a vital avenue for investors, offering diverse alternatives beyond traditional investments like savings accounts, gold, insurance, and real estate. By facilitating the trading of instruments such as bonds and stocks, the Capital Market acts as a crucial link between investors and entities seeking long-term funding.

At Putranto Alliance, we specialize in providing expert legal services tailored to navigate the complexities of the Capital Market. Whether you’re a company seeking to initiate an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or an investor navigating securities regulations, our team is dedicated to guiding you through every step of the process.

The decision to dissolve a Limited Liability Company (LLC) shouldn’t always signal financial distress; various factors can influence this choice. Apart from financial challenges, reasons for dissolution might include disagreements among stakeholders, restructuring within a corporate group, or strategic exits from local markets. It’s crucial to recognize that liquidating a company can be a strategic move rather than a failure. 

At Putranto Alliance, we specialize in providing comprehensive support for company liquidation, offering expert consultation, strategic planning, procedural guidance, stakeholder representation, resource access, and continuous support. 

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In the realm of business, challenges often arise leading to financial distress, endangering not only the company itself but also stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, lenders, and employees. When faced with such adversities, seeking corporate recovery and insolvency support becomes imperative for survival.

Putranto Alliance provides comprehensive consulting services and legal assistance to businesses facing financial distress or contemplating debt restructuring. Our expertise extends to navigating complex bankruptcy procedures and developing tailored recovery strategies.

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Joint ventures in Indonesia involve local and foreign companies creating a new entity, offering benefits like reputation enhancement, market access, resource sharing, risk reduction, and innovation. Successful joint ventures require careful evaluation of goals, contributions, risks, and structure. Putranto Alliance serves as a reliable partner in facilitating legally sound and prosperous joint ventures in Indonesia.

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In the contemporary business landscape, where the value of intellectual property and confidential information cannot be overstated, safeguarding these assets becomes paramount. This is especially true as companies, government entities, and individuals frequently find themselves in situations where sharing sensitive information becomes inevitable.

Putranto Alliance helps crafting Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) that are not only robust and comprehensive but also customized to meet the unique requirements of any business or individual situation.

Trade secret protection in Indonesia is challenged by insufficient legal certainty, necessitating preventive measures like confidentiality agreements. Putranto Alliance provides comprehensive assistance, including drafting agreements, dispute resolution, and expert legal guidance, ensuring personalized solutions to safeguard your trade secrets effectively.

Regulations play a vital role in maintaining order and structure within any community, institution, or organization. In the realm of business, company regulations hold particular significance, governing various aspects of employee conduct and organizational operations.

Putranto Alliance specializes in providing comprehensive support for the creation or update of company regulations. Our expertise covers all aspects of corporate and labor laws, ensuring that regulations are meticulously crafted to comply with legal standards while aligning with the organization’s objectives.


In today’s business landscape, proper financial management is crucial for the sustainability and success of companies. However, many organizations overlook the importance of effective financial control, leading to situations where debts accumulate and become unmanageable. When a company reaches a point where it cannot meet its financial obligations to multiple creditors, it may face the risk of bankruptcy.

As private receivers and administrators, we are here to assist in navigating bankruptcy situations with a focus on minimizing losses.

Mediation offers a collaborative approach to resolving business disputes, steering clear of the stress and uncertainties of court proceedings. Imagine it as a joint effort with a mediator chosen by all parties involved. It stands out as an excellent option, fostering collaboration to discover fair and amicable resolutions that satisfy all stakeholders.

At Putranto Alliance, we specialize in providing comprehensive mediation services tailored to the needs of businesses. Our team consists of certified mediators with extensive experience in resolving a wide range of disputes.

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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) stand as a cornerstone in fostering creativity, innovation, and economic growth within Indonesia. Through the legal recognition and protection of intellectual and creative outputs—from inventions and designs to artistic works—IPR not only secures the legal ownership and exclusive use of these creations but also propels the continuous flow of innovation that benefits society at large.

At Putranto Alliance, we recognize the paramount importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in safeguarding the innovations, creations, and brands of businesses operating in Indonesia.

Trademark registration plays a pivotal role in business, serving as a fundamental instrument for brand identification and protection. In today’s commercial landscape, nearly every business relies on a recognizable brand to distinguish its products or services from competitors. Despite its ubiquity, the concept of trademark rights remains unfamiliar to many. 

At Putranto Alliance, we specialize in providing comprehensive trademark registration services tailored to your business needs. We will assist you in navigating the complexities of trademark registration to ensure your brand is legally protected and recognized.

Industrial design is crucial to franchise identity, requiring legal understanding in Indonesia. Putranto Alliance offers consulting, design registration, and licensing agreements, ensuring intellectual property protection and long-term success in the competitive franchise market.

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A confidentiality agreement is crucial for protecting trade secrets, encompassing confidential information in technology and business that holds economic value and is intentionally kept undisclosed. Essential for maintaining a competitive edge and fostering innovation, such agreements minimize the risk of unauthorized use or disclosure, thus reducing potential legal disputes and financial loss. To be effective, the agreement must be established early, before disclosing any sensitive information, ensuring clear legal obligations and fostering trust among parties.

Putranto Alliance assists clients in drafting robust confidentiality agreements, resolving disputes, and providing expert legal guidance to safeguard trade secrets effectively.

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Notary and Conveyancing Services

Banks provide a multitude of advantages to their customers, among which is the option to obtain loans backed by customer assets like land or vehicle certificates. To navigate the borrowing process with a bank successfully, it is imperative to grasp the various deeds pertinent to the loan.

Putranto Alliance is experienced to provide comprehensive support in navigating the complexities of deeds within banking services, offering a wide array of services tailored to meet the needs of both debtors and creditors, ensuring that all legal requirements are met and that the interests of clients are protected throughout the process.

The Sale Purchase Deed stands as a pivotal legal instrument within land or property transactions, marking the formal transition of ownership from the seller to the buyer. It is the bedrock of the property transfer mechanism, embodying the legality of the transaction and the consequent alteration in property ownership.

At Putranto Alliance, we provide specialized assistance in navigating the complexities of creating Sale Purchase Deeds. Our approach is designed to ensure a smooth, compliant, and secure transaction process for both buyers and sellers.

In the realm of business, loans serve as essential financial tools that empower businesses to gain access to needed capital. Navigating the intricacies of loan agreements, however, presents challenges for the involved parties. 

At Putranto Alliance, we understand the complexities involved in creating loan agreements. Our team offers comprehensive assistance, from legal due diligence to drafting and negotiation support.

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Estate planning services are instrumental in managing the financial affairs of an individual in the event of death or incapacitation. The estate planning services provided by the legal team in Putranto Alliance encompass a broad spectrum of support and guidance directed towards individuals striving to safeguard future financial stability.

The global nature of transactions necessitates efficient document authentication, making apostille services indispensable for international acceptance. Putranto Alliance simplifies this process, ensuring documents are recognized across borders, whether for personal matters or global business expansion.

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Compliance Services

In Indonesia, the tax system is based on self-assessment, where taxpayers are responsible for calculating, depositing, and reporting their taxes independently. The Direktorat Jenderal Pajak (DJP) offers guidance, but the onus is on taxpayers to ensure accuracy to avoid sanctions for any discrepancies.

Putranto Alliance steps in to offer services that help clients identify tax risks and ensure compliance, preventing errors that could lead to violations of tax regulations.

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An investment activity report is a mandatory requirement for investors and entrepreneurs conducting business activities in Indonesia. This report plays a crucial role in facilitating the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) in monitoring investment developments across various sectors. 

At Putranto Alliance, we are committed to assisting clients in enhancing their business value, optimizing time efficiency, and managing risks while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Human Resource Services

In Indonesia, all residents, including expatriates residing for at least six months, are required to obtain healthcare coverage through the Healthcare BPJS (BPJS Kesehatan). For those employed by local or foreign companies, additional coverage is provided under the Social Security Card (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan) as part of their employment benefits.

At Putranto Alliance, our professional team is dedicated to assisting you with insurance registration in Indonesia, ensuring a streamlined process without the burden of managing personal or company insurance on your own.

Payroll management is essential for ensuring employees receive accurate compensation, benefits, and tax withholdings for their work. Traditionally handled by finance or HR departments, managing payroll can be complex and time-consuming. To streamline this process, many businesses are turning to specialized payroll services.

At Putranto Alliance, we offer comprehensive payroll services tailored to meet the needs of businesses across various industries. Our experienced team is equipped to handle all aspects of payroll management, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and efficiency.

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Employer of Records (EOR) plays a pivotal role in facilitating legal engagement with foreign workers without the need to establish a physical presence in new markets. This service is particularly valuable for companies looking to expand internationally or engage workers across different jurisdictions.

Our Employer of Record service provides comprehensive support for businesses looking to expand internationally or engage with remote workers efficiently.

Navigating the complexities of recruitment can be daunting. We partner with trusted agencies to streamline the talent acquisition process based on your criteria and requirements.

Our recruitment services cover all levels and fields of expertise. Through meticulous assessment of competencies, experience, expertise, logic, and personality, we ensure a tailored approach to finding the right candidates aligned with your vision.

Conveyancing Services

The process of owning property in Indonesia involves navigating through a complex legal landscape. Property Transaction Services play a pivotal role in streamlining this process, making property transactions more accessible, efficient, and secure. Whether you’re buying or selling a house, a cottage, or land, engaging with conveyancers can facilitate the necessary legal arrangements, ensuring that transactions are executed smoothly and in compliance with legal requirements.

At Putranto Alliance, our team of conveyancers specializes in facilitating property transactions, ensuring that all documentation and legal processes are handled efficiently and accurately.

Acquiring property or inheriting land in Indonesia requires registering your name on the land certificate to establish ownership rights. This legal process provides proof of ownership and ensures that your rights are protected under Indonesian law. Whether you are a local or a foreign individual purchasing property, understanding land certification is crucial to secure your investment and avoid legal complications.

At Putranto Alliance, we specialize in assisting individuals and businesses with land certification services to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

The concept of a virtual business address has gained popularity among investors and entrepreneurs, especially in Indonesia. With the positive impact of the Job Creation Law on business climates and investment, there has been significant growth in both foreign and local investment realization from 2020 to 2021, amounting to Rp9.2 trillion. This surge in investment interest has led to increased demand for company establishment in Indonesia. However, acquiring a strategic and prestigious physical office location can be challenging due to cost and availability constraints. A virtual business address offers an effective solution to this problem.

At Putranto Alliance, our goal is to assist clients in maximizing their business value, enhancing time efficiency, and mitigating risks while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Whether you are a local entrepreneur or a foreign investor, our professionals specialize in simplifying the process of establishing and managing your business in Indonesia.

A land certificate is a written or printed document issued by an authorized entity, serving as definitive proof of ownership and legal status. When dealing with land or property transactions, the verification of certificates becomes crucial. This process ensures that the property intended for transfer or mortgage is free from disputes or encumbrances.

At Putranto Alliance, we provide comprehensive assistance in land certificate verification and property transactions. Our licensed land deed official (PPAT) conducts thorough verification processes with credibility and confidentiality, ensuring that your property documentation meets all necessary requirements.

Professional Business Analysis Services

Business Advisory Service embodies a professional consultancy provided by skilled advisors to clients. This encompasses delivering business advice, identifying business potential, developing strategies, and guiding clients through challenges to ensure effective business operations. Advisors bring a wealth of experience and expertise across various business facets, offering quality services that are pivotal to organizational success.

Our business advisory services are designed to navigate the complex bureaucratic landscape of Indonesia, offering customized solutions for your business needs. From investment planning and business establishment to compliance and human resource management, we offer a comprehensive suite of services.

Valuation services stand at the core of financial decision-making, offering essential insights into the worth of assets, businesses, and investments. These services facilitate a range of transactions, from securing loans to executing sales and making informed investment decisions. The primary allure of valuation lies in its capacity to establish the correct price point for buying or selling, ensuring parties engage in fair and equitable transactions.

At Putranto Alliance, we offer specialized expertise across various valuation types, including tangible and intangible assets, financial instruments, and business valuations, delivered by our team of certified appraisers. We prioritize staying updated on market trends and regulatory changes to ensure our valuations reflect the latest industry standards and provide accurate insights.

Feasibility Study (FS) serves as a fundamental tool in project management, providing essential insights into the viabilities of projects and their potential. This analytical technique is indispensable for decision-making processes by enabling teams to assess project feasibility, human resource needs, and logistical requirements. Feasibility Study facilitates an analysis of the return on investment that is crucial for informed decision-making.

At Putranto Alliance, we excel in supporting clients through the entire process of conducting feasibility studies. Our services encompass a range of critical aspects, including the actual study itself, third-party market research, and expert legal drafting.

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Market research and analysis has now transitioned from an option to a necessity due to the ever-changing business landscape. The power of market research lies in its ability to transform uncertainty into clarity, allowing businesses to make informed decisions that drive growth and success.

At Putranto Alliance, we offer a diverse range of services tailored to address various business needs, with a strong emphasis on market research and analysis. Our seasoned team is prepared to provide comprehensive analysis and strategic guidance across multiple areas, empowering businesses to capitalize on their competitive advantages.

An Importer of Record (IOR) is a crucial entity in international trade, tasked with managing the complexities of importing goods into a destination country.

Navigating the complexities of import procedures and compliance requirements can be challenging for businesses. Our services are designed to provide comprehensive support to entities seeking to become Importers of Record. We assist our clients in overseeing all aspects of import procedures to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations

The surge in the popularity of financing and bridging loan services marks a significant shift in how individuals address their immediate financial needs. As traditional avenues for obtaining funds become more challenging to access due to rigorous credit checks and extensive paperwork, this services emerge as a viable alternative.

We offer personalized consultations to help you navigate the financing and business loan service landscape and identify the best options based on your specific requirements and the collateral items. Our commitment to fair and transparent valuations means your assets are accurately appraised to reflect their true market value, ensuring you receive a fair loan amount.


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