Putranto Alliance is a synergy of professional firms and companies from diverse backgrounds. We were established to provide integrated solutions to fulfill the needs of our clients related to business, accounting and taxation, legal and other matters. Dating back to the late 70s when we started providing legal services as a notary firm, we have grown our credentials and developed our team to serve you better.

Our service categories include:

Business Establishment & Licenses

Tax & Accounting

Human Resource Services

Legal Services

Notary Services

Conveyancing Services

Compliance Services

Estate Planning Services

Legal Services on Capital Market

Intellectual Property Service

Valuation Service

Other Services


Our multiple perspectives and competencies allow us to understand your broad vision, long-term strategies, and current business tactics, in order to develop a series/chain of business tactics. As such, we will assist you to achieve higher certainty, time efficiency, and integrative outcomes for corporate strategic maneuvers to propel the growth of your business and achieve milestones in Indonesia.

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