We are looking for someone who possesses a good logical thinking process, is passionate about learning, and can align their thinking to our Leaders, prioritizing agility, quality, and flexibility. We welcome candidates with excellent skills to adapt to our working environment and quickly learn about new things or tasks.

You will be responsible for ensuring financial compliance by collecting, tracking, and monitoring the company’s finances as well as making sure that the tax reporting is in accordance with prevailing government regulations.

Responsibilities (TANGGUNG JAWAB)

  • Obtaining daily accounting duty in timely manner and under correct PSAK;
  • Conducting a detail, accurate, and correct checking of transactions, journal entries, and making reports;
  • Maintaining cash flow and checking the Bank/Cash balance of daily payment correctly and submit reports on time;
  • Processing all payment, analyzing profit and loss;
  • Creating tax report and make sure it is submitted on time;
  • Organizing records and filing documents of each transaction properly;
  • Understanding how to allocate journal A/R or A/P.


  • Able to make decisions, take responsibility for own actions, admit mistakes and apologize;
  • Able to prioritize tasks efficiently and effectively to deliver good results;
  • Able to reason when solving a problem and simplify them;
  • Able to empathize and communicate well with clients and respond rapidly to any possible complaints;
  • Highly ethical, discreet, and able to maintain confidentiality;
  • Conduct work with integrity and collaborate responsibly using agile project management method.


  • Have a strong commitment to perform given tasks and good flexibility in multitasking;
  • Possess sound logic, good interpersonal skills, and strong theoretical knowledge;
  • Bachelor/Master’s Degree in Finance/Accountancy/Banking or equivalent with a strong academic record from reputable university with min. GPA 3.00, fresh graduates can also apply;
  • Have good knowledge and understanding regarding Finance and Taxation in Indonesia;
  • Have excellent communication and research skills;
  • Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English.


Our Mindset & Culture

Putranto Alliance is a result-oriented group/alliance comprising several completely different yet integrated business units. We prioritize providing our clients with integrated and holistic professional and business services, focusing on speed and quality. Correspondingly, we want you to understand our culture and mindset, as it is essential to working at Putranto Alliance.

Putranto Alliance values workplace ethics. Therefore, we want to ensure that every Putranto Alliance employee values ethics, has a positive morality, and can respectfully communicate with other employees. Please do research regarding us from various sources, such as this website.

Our Recruitment Steps

    1. Submit CV and relevant documents (Resume, Cover Letter/Work References, and other supporting documents) to:
      • Our office on Jalan Denpasar Raya Blok C4/24, Kompleks Menteri, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan, 12950, Indonesia, and make an appointment to talk to our HR.
      • Online at:
      • Online directly on the application form on this page.
    2. Please refrain from including personal photographs and sensitive information/PII (Personally Identifiable Information) in the attached resume/CV, such as National ID Number (KTP), Passport Number, etc. By submitting your application, you consent to your data being managed in accordance with our privacy policy.

    3. We will screen your CV to determine whether our culture, work ethics, role, positions, and requirements fit you.
    4. After passing the screening test, we will email you a link to an online test, where you are required to complete it within 24 hours. Our online test consists of the following:
      • Cognitive test (Average completion time: 20 minutes)
      • Situational judgment & competency test (Average completion time: 100 minutes)
    5. If you pass our online test, you will be given some cases to finish in two days to measure your practical ability. The case test consists of the following:
      • Attention to detail test
      • Bookkeeping test
    6. Should you pass the case test, we will invite you for an online interview with our recruitment team to see whether you are the perfect fit for Putranto Alliance. All questions are designed to learn more about whether you are culturally fit for us. The interview will test your awareness, mindset, psychological condition, work management, and problem-solving skills.
    7. Afterward, your last step will be an interview with your potential user.
    8. Our policy stipulates that candidates who do not succeed in the recruitment process are ineligible to reapply to Putranto Alliance until a period of 6 (six) months has elapsed since the last rejection email. We kindly ask that you wait for this duration before considering reapplication to us.
    Before proceeding, please read through our Company Culture to learn more about us and our Frequently Asked Questions if you have any inquiries related to our recruitment process.