Our Clients

Below are some of our clients that have worked on various projects with us. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with our esteemed and wonderful clients. We encourage you to visit their websites below to learn more about them.

Listed below are further details of the projects we have completed in each of our business categories, showcasing our diverse market involvement in Indonesia. This experience builds our credentials and enhances our ability to deliver high-quality service to our clients.

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Business Establishment & Licenses

Since our establishment, we have successfully helped over 100 companies set up their businesses in Indonesia. Additionally, we have assisted hundreds of clients in acquiring the necessary licenses for their operations.

Some of our notable projects include:

In 2024, we assisted our client in establishing a foreign investment company in Indonesia. We guided our client through the entire company establishment process, from inception to completion, as well as assisting in obtaining essential documents such as NPWP and BNRI.

In 2023, we assisted our client in establishing a domestic investment company. We also facilitated them in signing a local shareholder agreement. In the same year, we successfully helped our client establish a branch office in Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. We helped them in creating and acquiring the necessary documents, as well as facilitating in other necessary processes.

In 2020, we assisted our client with registering and obtaining a remittance license from the Bank of Indonesia (BI).

Tax & Accounting

We have competently assisted over 200 clients and companies with their Tax & Accounting needs, such as providing tax return documents, financial reports, and more. Below are some of our featured projects:

In 2023, we conducted a financial audit, produced an audit report, and provided a BI report for companies in overseas countries such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. In the same year, we prepared a monthly report for foreign loan transactions to Bank Indonesia on behalf of a local company. We also assisted our client in revoking their company’s VAT.

In 2022, we conducted financial due diligence and a tax due diligence to a company that is going to be bought by an investor. We helped the investor by conducting those due diligence to make sure that they invested in a good company.

Legal Services

We have successfully handled thousands of legal cases for our clients since our establishment. Here are some of our most notable achievements:

In 2024, we advised a client on acquiring another company, providing essential documents such as the deed of shareholders’ decision, an approval letter from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia, and an announcement in the Indonesian State Gazette.

In 2022, we assisted a major company in acquiring another firm by drafting and finalizing the conditional sales and purchase agreement for both parties.

In 2021, we conducted a legal due diligence on an oil palm plantation to ensure the selling value of the plantation.

In 2020, we assisted many local companies with corporate debt restructuring amidst the challenging economy. We provided advisory services and provided legal drafting for the restructuring agreements. Aside from that, we also act as a mediator between companies who had to terminate their workers due to the situation and negotiated an agreeable outcome for both parties. 

In 2019, we performed legal due diligence on a local bank that was up for acquisition. We checked its corporate documentations including permits and licenses. We also checked its compliance process to regulating authorities, and assets collateral pledged to the bank. Relevant third party agreements were reviewed and we disclosed any existing dispute.

In 2018, we assisted our client in acquiring a bank. We conducted legal due diligence as well as helping with the restructuring during the process of acquisition. In the same year, we did field investigation study for a foreign investor to verify four mining licenses in Kalimantan. We also checked the validity of licenses with the local offices and reported any infrastructure problems. In addition, we assisted with obtaining locals acceptance of the project in the area.

In 2016, we assisted a group of Korean Investors who planned to acquire a Palm Oil Plantation in East Kalimantan. We conducted legal due diligence, field survey, and visited local government offices on behalf of our client. Our team checked the validity of the location permits for any overlapping issues with other permit holders. We investigated and reported any irregular land transaction found to the client.

In 2015, we assisted a group of timber investors from China to conduct a 530-hectare land administration and field survey in West Kalimantan. Our services included visiting the government offices to obtained plans and permits, such as Regional Development Plan (RTRW), forestry plan, location permits from the National Land Authority (BPN) and the Economic Development Agency (Bappeda).

In 2013, we assisted a group of companies owning palm oil plantation who would like to sell the asset by preparing its due diligence. Our legal team represented the seller and ensured the completeness of each company’s corporate documents, permits and licenses of land of more than 16,000 hectares.

Compliance Services

Since our establishment, we have earned the trust of numerous clients and companies by delivering reliable and effective compliance solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our consistent performance has solidified our reputation in the industry. Here are some of our most notable projects:

In 2023, we audited our client to ensure the fulfilment of responsibilities and compliance to rules and regulation. Additionally, we help create compliance reports for various committees and create minutes of meetings for the Board of Directors & Commissioners.

In 2022, we helped our client with formulating company policies and standard operating procedure related to information technology and risk management for their IT audit purpose.

In 2021, we assisted our client in formulating the Annual Business Plan as well as the Management and the Board of Commissioner Supervision Report to be submitted to Bank of Indonesia (BI). We also helped them audit their standard operating procedure and their financial report for internal audit purpose.

In 2020, we assisted our client in the process of International Loan Agreement with Bank of Indonesia (BI). We helped registering the company data and reporting the loan transaction to Bank of Indonesia (BI) for 7 months. The process involves adjustment of the loan currency. 

We also helped in preparing Filing of Investment Activity Report for several companies.

Conveyancing Services

Since our founding, we have successfully managed numerous cases involving the sale and purchase of land and property. Here are some notable examples:

In 2023, we facilitated a land purchase and sale agreement between two parties in Bogor Regency, West Java.

In 2022, we represented a client in a land case in Kebon Jeruk district, Jakarta. Our work included handling subpoenas, negotiations, mediations, police reports, administrative efforts with the Land Office, civil lawsuits, and other legal measures to defend our client’s property rights.

In 2013, we were part of a team developing a bauxite mine in North Maluku over the potential mining area of 10,000 hectares. We consulted various government offices and identified compliance issues, such as forestry allocation, coastal conservation, topological constraints for the hauling road, jetty and shipping route requirements, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). We also successfully acquired approval of 5 coastal communities located in Area Penggunaan Lain (APL).

In 2012, we assisted one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia to process its licensing of palm oil plantation in Sulawesi. The 130,000 hectares comprise of 60,000 hectares located in Central Sulawesi province, and 70,000 hectares in South Sulawesi province, with assets held in 7 companies.

Human Resource Services

Throughout our business, we have assisted numerous companies with our Human Resource Services. Below are some of our notable projects:

In 2024, we aided a company in calculating employee salaries (take-home pay) based on their attendance. In addition, we also calculated each employee’s BPJS contributions, THR payments, as well as providing evidence of withholding income tax (PPh 21).

In 2023, we assisted our client in handling the stay permit for their foreign employee by producing the work and limited stay permits, activating the BPJS program for the company, and issuing a bilingual company agreement.

Other Services

In addition to the services listed above, we have assisted clients in various other business fields, including business advisory, pawn and valuation, and estate planning. Here are some of our most notable projects:

In 2023, we assisted an international company in establishing a foreign investment company in Indonesia by providing business advice regarding tax and legal matters based on Indonesian regulations.

In 2022, we assisted with the valuation of our client as they are about to add a new business field (KBLI) to their company as well as helping them with the valuation of their new product that is about to be launched.

In 2019, we helped advise our client regarding ownership and will, waqf, company restructuring, tax & trust advisory, and formulation of the family charter, which includes family assembly, family council, and the creation of a family employment committee.

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