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Business Identification Number or Nomor Induk Berusaha (NIB) is a unique code assigned to businesses upon their registration with the relevant governmental authority. This code is used universally in the administrative, tax, and regulatory affairs of the country to identify and track business activities. The NIB is critical for compliance, financial transactions, and legal operations, serving as a key to accessing various services and benefits within the business ecosystem. 

The Importance of Business Identification Number

Obtaining NIB is paramount for any legal business operation. It facilitates regulatory compliance, tax filing, and financial reporting, ensuring that businesses remain accountable and transparent in their activities. Furthermore, NIB is often a prerequisite for opening bank accounts, securing loans, and establishing trust with customers and partners. Its role in enhancing the credibility and traceability of businesses cannot be overstated therefore making it an indispensable asset for modern business practices. 

The Best Time to Obtain Business Identification number

The optimal time to apply for NIB is at the early stages of establishing a business. Securing NIB before engaging in any commercial activity ensures that all operations are conducted within the legal framework from the outset. This proactive approach prevents potential legal and financial complications setting a solid foundation for business growth and compliance. 

Benefits of Having Business Identification Number

Securing NIB offers numerous advantages: 

  1. Legal Recognition
    Ensures the business is officially recognized by the government.

  2. Compliance Ease
    Simplifies compliance with tax obligations and regulatory requirements.

  3. Financial Transactions
    Enables opening of business bank accounts and facilitates financial transactions.

  4. Credibility with Partners
    Enhances trust and credibility with customers, suppliers, and investors.

  5. Access to Funding
    Often required by financial institutions for loans or credit facilities.

How to Obtain Business Identification Number

The process for obtaining NIB typically involves: 

  1. Registration
    Completing the registration form provided by the relevant governmental agency.

  2. Documentation
    Submitting required documents, which may include business plans, ownership details, and proof of address.

  3. Payment
    Paying the applicable registration fee, if required.

  4. Verification
    Undergoing a verification process conducted by the authority.

  5. Issuance
    Receiving NIB upon successful verification and compliance.

How We Can Help

Putranto Alliance can help every business party, both individuals and non-individuals, to be able to create a NIB and other documents related to the legality of business activities. Our knowledge of foreign investment restrictions and business classifications in Indonesia will help in ensuring a smooth process.

  1. Legal Expertise
    Putranto Alliance ensures that company regulations are drafted with precision and accuracy, in compliance with relevant labor laws and regulations

  2. Tailored Solutions
    Putranto Alliance understands that each organization has unique needs and challenges therefore the services are customized to address specific requirements, ensuring that requlations are practical.

  3. Compliance Assurance
    Putranto Alliance ensures that all regulations meet the necessary legal standards and undergo the required approval processs mitigating the risk of non-compliance and legal disputes.

  4. Ongoing Support
    Putranto Alliance provides ongoing support and guidance, assisting organizations in navigating any legal or regulatory changes that may impact their company regulations


The specific documentation may vary depending on the jurisdiction, but common requirements include proof of business ownership, identification documents of the business owner(s), business address verification, and any relevant permits or licenses.

The processing time varies depending on the efficiency of the regulatory authority and the completeness of the application. In some cases, businesses may receive their BIN within a few days, while in others, it may take several weeks. Putranto Alliance, and by extension, the legal expertise, having been certified with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, is committed to providing quality work, ensuring that the needs of the clients are met promptly to avoid unnecessary waste and thus allow clients to allocate their resources accordingly for their primary operations.

It is valid throughout Indonesia. Once NIB is obtained, business owners can run a business in various regions in Indonesia per applicable regulations.

Putranto Alliance provides full support to obtain NIB by understanding regulations, communicating with the government and providing legal advice to help the needs of clients through a registration mechanism that is based on compliance with all applicable regulations. 

Putranto Alliance has been certified with the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System and its subsidiary ISO 27701 Privacy Information Management System. This ensures that legal documents will be managed strictly in accordance with the information security and privacy policies established in accordance with international standards set by ISO. Putranto Alliance strives to provide the best service while abiding by professional standards of confidentiality and information security. 

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