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Written by Belinda Akira on 09/07/2024
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Whether you are pursuing a career, investing in business, studying, reuniting with family, indulging in cultural experiences, marrying an Indonesian citizen, or retiring, you need to obtain a Limited Stay Permit (ITAS) or Permanent Stay Permit (ITAP). These permits are essential for foreigners seeking an extended stay in Indonesia.


ITAS and ITAP are crucial documents for foreigners’ residency in Indonesia. ITAS allows a stay for up to 10 years for specific purposes, while ITAP grants permanent residency, initially valid for five years and extendable indefinitely. Both permits define the legal status and rights of foreigners in Indonesia.

The Importance

Obtaining ITAS or ITAP is crucial for a smooth transition into life in Indonesia. ITAS allows temporary residency for specific purposes, while ITAP provides permanent residency, ensuring long-term stability and residence. Adhering to ITAP regulations, including reporting to Immigration Officers every five years, is essential to maintain legal residency status and avoid any potential issues with immigration authorities.

The Best Time to Apply

Initiate the application process well in advance of your intended move to Indonesia. For temporary stays like employment or study, apply for ITAS early to ensure timely processing. For permanent residency through ITAP, start early to gather required documentation and fulfill all necessary requirements.

Benefits of ITAS and ITAP

  1. Legal Residence
    Provides official residency status, ensuring compliance with immigration laws.

  2. Employment and Business Opportunities
    Access to a wide range of employment opportunities and the ability to establish businesses.

  3. Education and Healthcare Access
    Easier enrollment in educational institutions and access to quality healthcare services.

  4. Property Ownership
    ITAP holders may be eligible to purchase property, facilitating investment opportunities and financial stability.

Application Process for ITAS and ITAP

  1. Application Submission
    Apply to the Head of the Immigration Office or a designated officer.

  2. Required Documentation
    Submit a valid passport, proof of guarantee, and other supporting documents.

  3. Application Review
    Immigration authorities check the completeness of the application.

  4. Verification and Photo
    A photo is taken for record-keeping.

  5. Issuance of ITAS and ITAP
    Typically issued within four working days upon approval.

  6. KITAS and KITAP
    ITAS is issued as an ITAS Card (KITAS), and ITAP as an ITAP Card (KITAP).

  7. Distribution and Collection
    Cards are distributed to the immigration office within three working days after issuance. Collect your card within 15 days from the date of issuance.

How We Can Help

Putranto Alliance is your trusted partner in navigating the ITAS and ITAP registration and extension process. Our team of experts offers comprehensive support, from document preparation to liaising with government agencies, ensuring a hassle-free transition to life in Indonesia.


ITAS is for temporary stays for purposes like employment, study, or cultural activities, often requiring extension. ITAP is for permanent residency.
A Guarantor is an individual or corporation responsible for the residency and activities of a foreigner in Indonesia.
Extend your ITAS or ITAP before it expires to avoid immigration violations and penalties. The extension process involves providing updated documentation and fulfilling additional requirements.
Yes, there are fees associated with processing ITAS and ITAP, varying depending on the type of stay permit and your status.

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