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Written by Ananta Cahya Adhikara on 09/07/2024
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A Stay Permit is a crucial document for foreigners to legally reside in a country. Similar to a Visa, it is essential for travel preparation and enables lawful stays for specific purposes. In Indonesia, the application process for the permit is meticulously regulated to uphold national security. Understanding the different types of Stay Permits and their corresponding Visa requirements is essential for a smooth stay in the country. 


A Stay Permit, also known as a Residence Permit, is mandatory for foreigners residing in a country where they are neither born nor citizens. In Indonesia, this permit is issued by immigration or foreign service officials and is necessary for all foreigners staying within the country’s borders. It grants permission for a specified duration, complementing the validity of a Visa. 

The Importance

Securing a Stay Permit in Indonesia is crucial for foreigners to avoid legal complications during their stay. Without a valid Stay Permit, individuals may face deportation or other serious consequences. This document ensures compliance with immigration laws and regulations, providing peace of mind for travelers and allowing them to fully enjoy their time in Indonesia without worrying about legal issues. 

The Best Time to Apply

The best time to apply for a Stay Permit in Indonesia is before traveling to the country or immediately upon arrival. Initiating the application process as soon as possible helps avoid delays or complications. By planning ahead and obtaining the necessary documentation before arrival, travelers can streamline the process and ensure a smooth transition into their stay in Indonesia. 


Securing a Stay Permit in Indonesia offers several benefits for manufacturers: 

  1. Legal Stay
    Ensures that travelers can legally reside in Indonesia for the duration specified in their permit.

  2. Compliance with Regulations
    Demonstrates compliance with Indonesian immigration laws, reducing the risk of legal issues or deportation.

  3. Extended Stay
    Allows travelers to extend their stay in Indonesia beyond the initial duration granted by their visa.

  4. Multiple Entries
    Certain types of Stay Permits, such as Diplomatic and Service permits, may allow for multiple entries into Indonesia.

  5. Peace of Mind
    Provides assurance that travelers have fulfilled all necessary requirements to stay legally in the country.

How to / The Process

The process of applying for a Stay Permit in Indonesia varies depending on the type of permit and the applicant’s specific circumstances. Here’s an overview of the general procedures: 

  1. Determine Permit Type
    Identify the type of Stay Permit you need based on your visa type and purpose of stay in Indonesia.

  2. Gather Required Documents
    Collect all necessary documents according to the requirements outlined by Indonesian immigration authorities.

  3. Submit Application
    Complete the application form for the relevant Stay Permit and submit it along with the required documents to the appropriate Indonesian immigration office.

  4. Await Processing
    After submitting the application, await processing by Indonesian immigration authorities.

  5. Attend Interviews or Provide Additional Information
    Be prepared to attend interviews or provide additional information if required.

  6. Receive Approval
    Once the application is approved, you will receive notification from Indonesian immigration authorities.

  7. Adhere to Permit Conditions
    Ensure compliance with all conditions and regulations specified in the permit.

How We Can Help

Our expert team offers comprehensive assistance for obtaining Stay Permits in Indonesia. We guide clients through the complex process with personalized expertise, assist in gathering and organizing required documentation, handle submission to immigration authorities, and ensure timely follow-up and compliance with regulations. With our support, clients can navigate Indonesian immigration seamlessly, minimizing risks and ensuring efficient processing of their applications. 


Stay Permit and Visa are distinct travel documents but are interrelated. While a Visa grants permission for entry into a country’s territory, a Stay Permit is necessary for continued stay within the country. Both documents are essential, with the Visa facilitating entry and the Stay Permit enabling legal residence.
Renewing a Stay Permit in Indonesia involves specific procedures and requirements, varying based on the type and category of the permit. Generally, applicants must digitally submit a renewal application to the Immigration Office, adhering to the guidelines outlined for each permit type. However, not all permits are eligible for renewal, necessitating careful consideration and adherence to immigration regulations.

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